Linear Optimization Text

Title   Linear Optimization: The Simplex Workbook
Author   Glenn Hurlbert
Publisher   Springer (in their Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics series) -- available now ( LOOK INSIDE at Amazon or see the excerpts below)
Description   This is a text written primarily for undergraduate mathematics majors, although undergraduates and graduates in Computer Science, Engineering, and Economics could (and at ASU do) use it as well. The focus is on theory more than applications, and even the applications are more mathematical than industrial.
  The book is written in guided discovery format so that professors who use the Moore method and its variants can use it. It also comes with a teachers guide that contains solutions as well as suggestions for use. Thus one can easily lecture from it as well, or mix various styles as needed.
  This project arose from classes I taught with such an inquiry-based approach, realizing that no existing book allowed for such a thing, and was funded by an NSF-DUE-CCLI grant.
Software   Two students and I developed WebSim (logo above) for use in the class as a pedagogical tool for the exploration and solving of linear optimization (and linear algebra) problems. It is free and you can download and run it locally or on-line.
  I also include in the book many opportunities for Maple use other than just solving linear optimization problems.
Awards   The book won the 2011 Texty Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association.
Workshops   My PREP Workshop (sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America ) at the Carriage House, in Washington, DC, June 25-29, 2008, on this topic and delivery method, unfortunately was cancelled at the last minute.
However, I did run an MAA Minicourse at the January 6-9, 2011, Joint Meetings in New Orleans. I may run others at future Joint Meetings or MathFests, and may consider another PREP as well. Let me know if any of these interest you.
Chapter Samples     Title & Preface
  The Simplex Algorithm
  The Duality Theorem
  Matrix Implementation
  General Form
  Unsolvable Systems
  Geometry Revisited
  Game Theory
  10  Network Implementation
  11  Combinatorics
  12  Economics
  13  Integer Optimization
  A1  Linear Algebra
  A2  Shortcut Method
  A3  Complexity
  A4  Software
Users   Dan Biebighauser (Concordia College), Donovan Hare (Univ. British Columbia, Okanagan), Michael Fisher (West Chester Univ.), Gary Gordon (Lafayette College), Mark Ellingham (Vanderbilt Univ.), Attila Sali (when he was at Univ. S. Carolina), Jennifer Nordstrom (Linfield College) --- let me know if I should add you to this list.
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