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Lesson 4


1. Which one of the tgriNa expressions in the left-hand
column refers to that of English on the right hand column?

(1) ane Harestay iye.           (a) we are Americans.

(2) nisa Hakim iya.             (b) I am a farmer.

(3) niHna amerikawiyan ina.     (c) he is an Engineer.

(4) nisu mehandis iyu.          (d)she is a teacher.

(5) niskhum eritrawiyan ikhum.  (e) she is a Doctor.

(6) nisen memh`er iyen.         (f) you are Eritreans.

2. Add the following nouns the correct suffix that expresses
the Possessive pronouns of the  1., 2., 3. Person Singular.

                                1.Pers.         2. Pers. m./f.  3. Pers. m/f
(a) shim (Name)         e.g.    shim-ey         shim-ka/ -ki    shim-u/ -a

(b) Haw                 ----------------        -------------   --------------

(c)memh`er              ----------------        -------------   --------------

(d) muya                ----------------        -------------   --------------

(e) s`eraH              ----------------        -------------   --------------

(f) hotel               ----------------        -------------   --------------

3. Who owns what ? or who belongs to whom?.

e.g.    nisu            hotel     hotel-u
        (he)            (hotel)   his hotel (word by word = hotel-his )

(a)     ane             geza
(b)     niskha          muya
(c)     nisa            QolA
(d)     nisu            beAlti bet
(e)     nisom           s`eraH
(f)     niHna           Hafti
(g)     niskhum         Hakim
(h)     nisatom         abo

4. How would you say the following expressions in English?

e.g. Hakim-ey          my Doctor (Doctor-my)

(a) hakimu

(b) beAlti betkum

(c) Hawna

(d) abokhi

(e) Sehafitka

(g) adey

(h) abokhi

5. How would you say the following phrases in tgriNa?

(a) your teacher

(b) his wife

(c) our God

(d) your mother

(e) my Doctor

(f) our sister

(g) my brother

(h) your name

(i) her house

6. Complete the following sentences with the correct
form of personal pronouns.

e.g. ane tem`eharay iye.  I am a student  (word by word = I a student am)

(a)______Hakim ikha.

(b)______Sehafit ikhi.

(c)______mehandis iyu.

(d)______Hakim ikhum.

(e)______memh`er ikhi.

(f)______eritrawiyan iyom.

(h)______amerikawiyan (Americans)ina.

(i)______Hakim iya.

7. Complete the following sentences with the correct
form of the verb 'to be' .

e.g.. ane memh`er iye    I am a teacher (word by word= I a teacher am)

(a) niskha mehandis___________ .

(b) nisu Hakim ____________ .

(c) niskhin Sehafit___________ .

(d) niskhum Hakim ___________ .

(e) nisa beAlti betu __________ .

(f) ane Harestay _____________ .

(g) nisom Hakim ____________ .

(h) nihna eritrawiyan ___________ .

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