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Lesson 3

Tigrigna Vocabulary

Before we go to the next grammar discussion here are some interesting
Vocabularies that can be useful to answer the forth coming exercises
(for those of you who wants to learn!!).

abo                     father
ade                     Mother
Arki                  	friend
ato                     Mr
beAl biet               husband
beAlti biet             wife
egzihier                God
genzebka                you are well come
Hafti                   sister
Hakim                   Doctor
Harestay                farmer
Haw                     brother
mehandis                Engineer
memhr                 	teacher
muya                    occupation
qolA                  	child
SbuQ                 	good
SeHafit                 secretary (f.)
sraH                  	work
sheqalay                worker
shm                    	Name
temeharay              	student
TEna yhabeley        	something like hello!
weyzero               	Mrs
yeQenyeley            	Thank you
geza                    house


1               Hade
2               klte                	20              Esra
3               seleste                 30              selasa
4               arbaEte               	40              arbaA
5               Hamushte                50              Hamsa
6               shudushte               60              susa
7               shwAte                	70              sebA
8               shemonte               	80              semanya
9               tshAte                	90              tiesA
10              Aserte                  100             mi`ti
                                        1000            shH

From 11 on you can add the  Prefix  Aserte to the numbers 1- 9.

e.g. 11  AserteHade , 		12   Aserte klte etc. and 

From 20 upwards you have similar process except you add extra -n-
in between and at the end.

e.g. 21   Esra-n-Hade-n, 22  Esra-n-klte-n  etc.

Days of the week

Monday                  senuy
Tuesday                 selus
Wednesday               rebuE
Thursday                Hamus
Friday                  Arbi
Saturday                qedam
Sunday                  senbet

Time of the Day??

Morning                 ngho          	early morning           wegaHta
Midday                  ferqi meAlti    during the day          qetri
Afternoon               dehri qetri     during the night        leyti
Evening                 mshet
Night                   leyti
Midnight                frqi leyti

Time adverbial

today                           lomi
yesterday                       tmali
before yesterday                qdmi tmali
tomorrow                        SbaH
after tomorrow                  dHri SbaH