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Lesson 11

Grammatical Terminology


Goitom Ahferom ( [Author Profile]
Thursday, December 18, 1997 11:30 AM PST
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Selam dehaiers,

Today I want to deal with the grammatical
Terminology in TgriNa. As far as I am using only the
English Terminology it is worthwhile to know its
synonym in TgriNa. Therefore here follows the
grammar Terminology in English and its synonym in

English TgriNa
********* ************** 
Noun sim 
Proper noun sim teSew'O 
Common noun sim Habar 
Concrete common noun nay h'l'w sim Hbar 
Noun of things nay g'zaE sim 
Abstract nouns nay kunet sim Habar

Adjective q'S'l 
Qualitative adjective Ay'netawi q'S'l 
Distinctive or indicative felayi q'S'l 
Demonstrative adjective nay m'm'l'kat felayi q'S'l
Interrogative adjective H'to felayi q'S'l 
Indefinite adjective k'dun felayi q'S'l 
Quantitative adjective lekaEi q'S'l 
Numeral adjective nay quS'ri lekaEi q'S'l 
Adjective of measure nay Aqen'n mizan'n lekaEi q'S'l

Auxiliary verbs Hagezti Anaq'S

Pronoun k'n'disim 
Personal pronoun aw'ra k'n'disim
3rd person tesemayi akal
2rd person semaEi akal
1st person negari akal 
Demonstrative pronouns nay m'm'l'kat felayi
k'ndisim Interrogative pronoun nay H'to felayi
Indefinite demonstrative k'dun felayi k'n'disim 
Relative pronoun qeSali k'n'disim 
Reflexive pronoun weseK' k'n'disim

Verbs An'qeS' 
Active transitive verb gebari An'qeS' 
Passive transitive verb teqebali An'qeS' 
Intransitive verb agwagul An'qeS'

Adverb wesani mesar'E 
Affirmative adverb nay s'm'm'E wesani mesar'E 
Negative adverb nay zeys'm'm'E wesani mesar'E 
Adverb of measures nay Aqen wesani mesar'E 
Adverb of cause nay m'g'laS' wesani mesar'E 
Adverb of manner, quality nay agebab'ran
aKwaw'nan' or state wesani mesar'E

Preposition mes'Habi mesar'E

Conjunction Terafi mesar'E 
Co-ordinative conjunction nay m't'K'Kal Terafi
mesar'E Alternative conjunction nay m'm'raS' Terafi
mesar'E Adversative conjunction nay m'q'wam Terafi
mesar'E Subordinative conjunction nay m't'is'sar
Terafi mesar'E

Interjection amel'kati mesar'E 
Exclamatory interjection nay s'm'Eit amel'kati
mesar'E Interjection of manner nay agebab'ran
aKewaw'nan amel'kati mesar'E

Goitom Ahferom 
Bonn Germany 

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