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Lesson 11

Tigrigna Dialogue


Goitom Ahferom ( [Author Profile]
Wednesday, December 17, 1997 02:30 PM PST
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Selam tedaheiti!


Selam'ta ^Greetings^

In the following Dialogue you should be able to:

*# use some personal pronouns (I, you, etc.) *
*# form the present tense of the verb 'be'(I am, you
are, etc.) *
*# form some simple possessive phrases (my, your,
etc.) *
*# use some simple formal and informal greetings *
* *

A Formal meeting

Mr.(ato) Jemal and Mrs.(wey'zero) Letay meet. 
They do not know ane another very well.

( L = wey'zero Letay;and J = ato Jemal)

L: T'Ena y'habeley ato Jemal! Hello Mr. Jemal!
kemey aleKum? How are you? 

J: ane S'buq aloKu wey'zero Letay. I am well Mrs.
isiKin-ke kemey aloKin? And you,how are you?

L: ane S'buq aloKu. I am well. 
beAlti bet'kum kemey alowa? How is your wife?

J.: beAlti betey S'buq ala. My wife is well.
igz'her y'mesgen. Thanks God.
n'Hna k'l'te-na S'buq alona. We are both well.

L.: deHan wiAl-u. Goodbye.

J.: deHan wiAl-a. Goodbye. 

An informal meeting

Haile and Senait are old friends who meet by 
chance in the street.

(H = Haile and S = Senait)

H.: selam senait. Hello, Senait! 
kemey aloKi? How are you?

S.: selam Haile. Hello, Haile.
ane S'buq aloKu. I am well.
is'Ka-Ke kemey aloKa? And you, how are you?

H.: ig'z'her y'mesgen. Thanks God.
ane-win S'buq aloKu. I am fine, too.

S.: Iyob-ke kemey alo? Is Iyob well?

H.: nisu-win S'buq alo. He is fine too.

S.: aboKan adeKan kemey alowu? Are your father &
mother well?

H:. nisatom-win Sibuq alowu. They are well too.

S.: bel deHan wiAl. Well, Goodbye.

H.: deHan wiAli Senait. Goodbye, Senait.


T'Ena y'habeley hello! {Lit.: may he (God) 
give(you) good health for my sake!} 
kemey how 
S'buq good, fine
-Ke or -ke how about.....(added to the end of the
-win also, too (added to the end of the word) 
ig'ziher yimesgen thank you (Lit.: may God be
praised!) abo father 
ade mother
-n and...(added to the end of the word, like 
aboKan-n adeKan ^father-yours and 
bel well

Month names in TgriNa

T'ri January 
yekatit February 
megabit March 
miyaz'ya April 
g'n'bot May 
sene June 
Ham'le July 
neHase August 
mes'kerem September 
T'k'm'ti October 
H'dar November 
taH'sas December

deHan H'deru! (good night!)

Goitom Ahferom 
Bonn - Germany

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