Hna mn enferH           	If we feel joy
wemn ntHaben wemn nastaQr       And feel pride and hail,
nastahl!                        We deserve it !
weHna mn naHale                 If we sing,
wemn sesE wemn berj             And dance,
na'stahl                        We deserve it!
na'stahl                        We deserve it!
na'stahl!                       We deserve it!

na'stahlo lferaH We deserve the joy wenastahlo lHaben and we do deserve the pride admay qali defaEna For 'tis precious blood we paid egl nKber wonshnen So as to be respected, and to be proud. shAb Hadr badi tu A whole population perished embl Qebr woKefen With no coffin nor a marked grave woshebab Qali defaEna We sacrificed our precious youth emal edinya ytemen Whom no wordly wealth can buy. eli shaAb haTrtu This is a courageous people egl ganay idenn That bows to no intruder ili shaAb iertra This people of Eritrea lgl sewretu ketela Saw its revolution through man ibiela wegeleb Never wavered left or right weHazab eglu ytela Rejected partisanship eslimay wekistienay Moslems and christians yfarega weyfela Did not divide nor fall apart kulu fegra gl Adu All set out for love of country weHrytu endebiela for their freedom memenaChal yeHaza No one opted for separation wemtrayam wekfla nor for division or falling apart.

nastahl! We deserve it! nastahlo lferaH We deserve the joy wenastahlo lHaben And we deserve the pride eli sheAb Awate This people of Awate gedm lskeb wolQsen Can now rest with peace of mind. debr yHadg akanu No mountain leaves its place weHan eman ydefen Nor can it be buried under stone gahy fegra mn lbna The agony still lodged in our hearts, weferaHa geb'a woseKen Is now being replaced with joy feraset nay sheAbna Let the courage of our people dib tariKna ltdewen be recorded in history nastahl We deserve it! nastahl We deserve it! nastahl! We deserve it! ___________________________ (Translation by Omar Kekia)