Elal Wdeyi Waldayit

Elal wdeyi waldayit             Ululate Oh mother !
weshadrki lweyi               	Put on your "chadir"
moday bedir aQbala              Back are the old days
moday bedir aQbala              Back are the old days
bakat wlad etaya                Return with your sons and daughters

lama entit welido Those who came from your womb albab abay salaba Have defeated the enemy lama ekit womerar Both the bitter and the evil abay Hdud teAdaba Met the enemy beyond the border gedm Hzey wetemneyi Now is the time to wish and dream Hasu HSuy te'akeba The bethroted are all assembled wo yom latu kefieki Enough for this day onwards frH geb'a Azaba Replace suffering by joy bakat wlad etaya Return with your sons and daughters lerefIet eba Ariba Be there at the bride's ceremony egl tstey Haliba To drink from her milk

waldet Hayut entitu Mother of braves HaTer bakti trakeba Courage is thy nature welad barka wosetit Children of barka and setit adal wotegorba Of Adal and Tegorba welad gedm jngerien Children of Gedm and Jengerien kl'ot rorit maskeba The daughter of the two highlands may deArit staya Who drinks the water of deArit wereHib wada Ansaba And The wide valley of Ansaba welet semhar SaEdata Daughter of beautiful Semhar farHat hliet mnlba Joyful in her heart shenen tibel kem fetiet She moves about as gracefully as she wishes ledowenk shamalke bba Let her leap forward as the wind's wings msl furas shebaba carries her together with her brave youth

Elal waqlu wohoyra Ululate loud and sing welat naQfa worara Daughter of Naqfa and the Rora afAbotat Qorora Of Afabet and Qorora Hge shebab entitu You are the shield for the youth Awete bake azahra Victory was ushered by you welat awlet kebesa Daughter of the highland kebesa Adi qeyH menzala Whose home is in Adi qeyeh mendefera wo'asmera Mendefera and Asmara moday bedir aQbala Back are the old days TAgala maHbara Her council is reconvened welet bado denkalya Daughter of Dankalia kemshwekm shemal staya Who feeds on the light breeze gndl etu kem fetiet Gracefully strolling as she wishes jzayir wemersa Adhuya Islands and harbours are her dwellings Haben lfraH fetaya Proud is made whosoever loves her. ___________________________ (Translation by Omar Kekia)