Amset hliet

Amset hliet wlada lar'yeni  	She is pregnant, and I hope to see her child
sebyie te'akebow deHaruni      	Come my people bless me
gasha biye dasat atakluni      	I have guest, help me erect the "das"
feraHyetu munayetu atkabtuni   	This is my joy,my hope, help me meet my guests

te'akeba emache weAlla         	Come together and ululate my mothers
sergaya welbasa wetgedela      	Put your best cloths and jewelry
teAndeQa wenaberit abshla      	Get ready and prepare the food
gasha biye shaym wogebayla     	I have guests, the chiefs and the tribes
feraHye tu : munaye tu etkejela   This is my joy, this is my hope, don't give up

wlad wo'awald msl telhew       	Boys and girls, dance in unison
kebro androw haya Hlew         	Beat the drums and sing
sesU amergdo weteratew         	Dance and exchange places
feraHna tu munana tu msl telhew   This is our joy and hope, dance in unison

(Translation by Omar Kekia)