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Lesson 9

The negative no 'i

When 'i appears as a prefix to a verb, it means do not or 
does not or did not as the verb might be.

Example 9.1 
    itblaE       do not eat   you(m)
    itblI        do not eat   you(f)
    inblaE       do not eat   we

    Let us use some of the verbs we used in previous lessons:

    itigies     do not go      you(m)
    itskeb      do not sleep     "
    itfger      do not go out    "

    itigisi    do not go       you(f)
    itskebi    do not sleep      "
    itfgeri    do not go out     "

Proverb 2 :  	ite'akebet itrekebet  
			what was not saved was not found.

Proverb 3:     	rebi bu iSebr  
               		iwe'la ra'i  ils'e 
		he who has God ( who believes in God) does not despair, 
		(but) who ever see (experience) this does not hope for much. 

     Let us take a few examples : for you (m) and you (f):

Example 9.2:
      itthage        do not speak ( you, m)
      itthagey       do not speak ( you, f)

      itHreq         do not be angry  
      itHreqi        "  "   "   " 		  

      itfraH         do not be happy

      itbke          do not cry

      itKjel         do not be shy

      The verbs of existence hala and Ala are also negated in the 
      same way a finite verb is negated i.e. by adding the prefixed 
      article 'i . 
 Example 9.3

      et biet ihala bielet:: in the house he is not present she said.
                              [ She said he is not the house]

     ana ewan meSa'ko et biet iAla:: I when I came in the house he was 
					not present
                                [ He was not in the house when I came.]

Note: the negative of hala, the impersonal verb of existence,
          is also effected by means of the superlative form "elebu"

          et biet hala elebu   in the house present there is no.
                               [ There is no one present in the house.]

          eb fana meyt elebu by telling his last will dies there is no.
                               [ No one dies by telling his last will.]


       Today we learned the following new words

       itHreq      do not get angry
       Harqa       got angry
       Haruqet     anger
       itKjel      do not get shy
       Kejla       got shy
       Kjl         shyness
       ferHa       got happy
       feraH       happiness
End of Lesson 9
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