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Lesson 6

Word Order

    The main clause can consist of a subject , verb with or without 
    direct object and propositional or adverbial phrases. 

    The subject may , or may not be explicitly expressed by a noun or a 

Example 6.1:    
                 arhiet geset  Arhiet went
                 hta geset     she went.
                 geset         went  ( she )    

                 arhiet belAt  Arhiet ate
                 hta belAt     she ate
                 belAt         ate (she)

    The order of the words is usually the subject comes first followed 
    by the verb: 

Example 6.2:    
		leHSan wedqa       the child fell.
                arhiet sekbet      Arhiet slept. 
                musa Aqbela        Musa returned back.

    If there is a direct object, the object comes between the 
    subject and the verb, the order being

            Subject -----> Object ------> Verb.

Example 6.3:
             musa lebab kefta                 musa opened the door 
             musa shahi seta                  musa drank tea
             musa Halib seta                  musa drank milk
             Humed we drar lbas Hadis zabewu. Humed and Drar bought new cloths.
             aHlam saAt zabet                 Ahlam bought a watch. 
             Huha es'n zaba Her brother bought shoes.

    The position of adverbial or propositional phrases varies, but let 
    us not worry about this now , as it will be clear in due time.

    Then to summarize:  the order is subject---> object ----> verb. 
    The subject may be dropped, as it is inherent in the verb.
    The verb is usually at the end of a sentence. This is probably the 
    major difference with English, where the verb does not appear at the 
    end of a sentence.

Example 6.4:

             zahra ketab qerat     Zahra read a book.
                   ketab qerat           read(she) a book.  

             fkak jeridet qera     Fikak read a newspaper
                  jeridet qera     (he) read a newspaper


       In this lesson we learned the following new words

            belAt           she ate
            HSan            child
            sekbet          she slept
            Aqbela          he returned back
            lbas            cloth
            Hadis           new
            zabewu          they bought
            zaba            he bought
            zabet           she bought
            saAt            watch
            es'n            shoes
            seta            he drunk
            shahi           tea
            ketab           book
            qerat           she read
            qera            he read
            jeridet(Arabic) newspaper

                    End of Lesson 6

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