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Lesson 37

Days of the Week

          The names for the days of the week are  

          atnin   or al'tnin =   Monday

          atalut             =   Tuesday

          araboE  or arerbaA =    Wednesday

             note : araboE is more often used than arerbaA which can be taken
                    as a variation of the language
          Kamis or kamis or alkamis    Thursday
          jmAt or aljmAt                Friday

          senbet n'ish (lit.= small senber) Saturday          

          senbet Abay  (lit.= big senbet)   Sunday.

         Note  that the al- added to  atnin , Kamis, jmAt 
         is the influence of Arabic. As a speaker of Tigre you would
         perhaps find it very useful to know the names of the week days in 
         Arabic because many Tigre people use the Arabic form in many 
         al'snin      Monday
         alsalasa'    Tuesday
         alarbaA'     Wednesday
         alKamis      Thursday
         aljumA       Friday
         alsabit      Saturday
         alaHad       Sunday

         Months of the year: 

         Tigre people in rural Eritrea use the lunar year which falls in 
         12 months but it is shorter than the solar year by about 
         8 days / year . So the duration of one month in the lunar year 
         is 30  days or 29 days. So if the month completes its cycle in 
         only 29 day and the cresent appears on the night of the 30th 
         day, the 30th day becomes the first day of the new month and 
         people say: 
          shahar atesaA, which means the month ended on the 29th day. 

         1.  maEshura -----> this is the first month of the lunar year.
         2.  sefer/ or medagn
         3.  rebiE awol
         4.  rebiE aKr
         5.  jmad awol
         6.  jmad aKr
         7.  rejeb
         8.  shaEban
         9.  remedan ----->   this is the 9th month of the year and it is 
                              the fasting month for moslems.
        10.  feTr   ------>   the first day of this month is a moslem 
                              holiday as it commomerates the end of the 
                              fasting of remedan and called Id feTr or Id 
        11.  feTr Har
        12.  Haj    ------->  this is the month on which moslems make the 
                              pilgrimage to Mecca, which falls in the 9th 
                              and 10th day of the month. So the 10th day 
                              is a moslem holiday called Id Haj.   

         The European calander is also used among urban dwellers and 
         people who have attended modern schools. It would be useful for
         any body who learns Tigre to know the names of the months for the
         European year in Arabic as it is used by urbanized Tigre peope.

         yanayr        January
         febrayr       February
         mars          March
         abril         April
         mayo          May
         yunyo         June
         yulyo         July
         aqusTus       Aqust
         sebtember     September
         oktober       October
         nofember      November
         disember      december.

End of Lesson 37

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