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Lesson 34

Expressions used as Adjectives

     In Tigre there are some expressions that are used to discribe a 
     character of an individual or a situation. Here are some examples: 

     1. Entu qeyaH ta =  His eye is red. = he is a womanizer. 

       Example 34.1

         A short story that goes with this. A man is said to have asked 
         his son to marry and settle down. The son agreed on the 
         condition that he will choose his bride, to which the father 
         replied " deHan tu. En abuka mn Enka qeyeH" translated as  " don't 
         worry,  your father's eye is more red than your eye" so the 
         saying " En abuka mn Enka qeyeh " is a proverb in Tigre, 
         meaning that one will do a better job and knows what he is 
         talking about.     

      2. anfu Hachir tu = he has a short nose = he gets angry very easily.
         aHmed anfu Hachir tu =  Ahmed gets angy very easily.
      3. ediehu Trqt ta = he has a hole in his hand= he is a spender.

      4. ediehu krit ta = his hand is put down = he has the habit of 

      5. ediehu Tlqt ta = his hand is loose(opposite to tied up) = he is 

       6. kebdu Selam ta = his stomach is black = he is not honest

       7. kebdu reqaq ta = his stomach is weak = he is a coward

       8. kebdu beHar ta = his stomach is a sea = he is not easily disturbed

       9. nsalu reym tu = his tounge is long = he talks too much ( about 
                                                things that does not 
                                                concern him);  he is abusive.

       10. afuhu Truq tu = he has a hole in his mouth= he can not keep a 
       11. Sgadu SnoE tu = he has a stiff neck = he is rigid; he is stubborn.
                                                 he is not easily convinced. 

       12. amEl Selam  = black day  =  sad day ; 

       13. amEl SaEda  = white day  =  blessed day.


End of Lesson 34

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