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Lesson 33

Verbal Concepts

    Some verbal concepts may also be expressed by certian fixed stems
    followed by the conjugated form of "biela." literally translated as 
    " said". Here some examples are given to this mode of verb formation.

   1. tm biela/bielet  =   he/she kept quiet.
     Examples 33.1
       Hgya aba. tm biela.               he refused to speak. He kept quiet.
       le radyo sebera mesleni tm biela. the radio has broken down I think,
                                         it kept quiet.
       le re'is ewan hgyahu ambeta kulu  when the president started his 
       le 'adam tm biela.                speach all the people kept quiet.
   2. QnS biela/bielet.  =  he/she stood up ( unexpectedly /quietly)

       nefer ende 'ilr'yu QnS biela.      He stood up before anybody could 
                                         see him. 
       mn le mgsayu QnS biela kefegra    from where he was seated he 
                                         (unexpectedly) he stood up and then 
                                         went out.   

   3. ketef biela/bielet     =     he/she suddenly arrived/appeard
      mn 'aya meS'a end iltbahal ketef biela. =  he suddenly arvived before 
                                                anyone knows ( where he  
                                                came from)
      'abuyie kem lakeyu ketef biela  = he arrived (suddenly) when my father
                                       called him. 
   4. hawu biela/bielet  = he/she completely forgot. 

      hawu bielko melahay!       I totally forgot my friend!   
      Hat Hate ewan hawu lbl     Sometimes he forgets 

   5. halawu biela/bielet  = he/she completely lost 

      kla le 'amEl halawu bielna = the whole day we were completly lost.
   6. halaf biela/bielet  = he/she talked a lot of nonesense.

      le enas halaf lbl Ala = the man was talking a lot of nonsense.   
      melahay halaf 'itibel = don't talk nonesense my friend.
   7. haTsh biela/bielet =  he/she sneezed.
      this last example can also be expressed with out the biela/bielet
      e.g. haTesha     he sneezed.
           haTeshet    she sneezed.


      Today we learned the following new word:
      radyo      radio
      sebera     it broke
      re'is      president
      'adam      people, persons, 
      kulu       all       
      nefer      a person (single), member of  
      'anfar     persons  (plural)

End of Lesson 33

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