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Lesson 30

Time Denoting words

     Words that denote time could be of two types- those that express a 
     certain duration of time like an hour, a day , a year etc. and those
     that indicate a certain point of time like after, before etc. The 
     list of such words are given below as category A and B. 

     I. Category A

      1.  yom          today
          fejr         tomorrow  
          fengoH       tomorrow

         Note : fejr and fengoH have the same meaning  and there is no 
                restriction on when to use which. 
          fejr laha     after tomorrow
          fengoH laha     "      "
          male          yesterday
          male laha     day before yesterday
     2.  eb fejra      on the next day
         asboH         morning
         adaHa         noon
         amsuy         afternoon
         lali          night
         amEl          day time
         yom Amet      this year
         deAm          last year
         deAm laha     before last year
         letmeS' senet coming year
    3.  The five Moslem prayers of the day are also used to indicate time 
        and are very frequently used to tell time of the day..

        'asaboH       morning. this is before sun rise.
        'zhr          noon
        'alAsr        afternoon
        'almeqrb      after sun set. 
        'alEsha       night time about 8:00 P.M.
     4.  Time is also told by the position of the sun, how high or low in 
         the sky it is.
        SbHat mdr     day break
        'asboH        early morning
        fgret SeHay   sun rise
        'adawuHyet    about 9:00 a.m.
        qedem 'azhr   before noon.
        'azhr         noon
        'alAsr Hfn    literally translated as hot 'alAsr or hot 
                      afternoon i.e. about 4:00 p.m. and a little brfore. 
        'alAsr        afternoon
        'alAsr brdt   literally translated as cold 'alAsr or cold 
                      afternoon, i.e. about 5:00p.m. and after
        mwudaq SeHay  sun set
        'almeqrb      just after sun set.
        lali          night
        ser lali      mid night

     5. sanyet        second    adaptation from Arabic, but widely used.
        deqiqet       minute       "        "    "
        saAt          hour         "        "    "
     6. yom           day
        samn          week
        shehar/wereH  month  note; shehar is an adaptation from Arabic.
        senet/Amet    year

      II.  Category B

           Her      later , then
           Haqohu/  afterward
           mn ela   from this
           ledol    at that time
           kldol    every time
           doldol   sometime
           dima     always   

End of Lesson 30

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