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Lesson 28

mn leAl, mn Hrs, mn Hnet

    There are certain preposition that are made of two words like the 
    following examples. These are not the only double words of this kind.

    1. mn leAl  =   above

              mn leAl  legebey
              above    the road

              leTeyaret       mn leAl     ledebr           Halfet
              the air plane   above       the mountain     passed
              [ The air plane passed above the mountain.]
Proverb 28.1
              Hesas   mn leAl  may     lidena   rebi
              butter  above    water   make us  God
              [ God make us butter above water= Save us God from all evil.]

    2.  mn teHat = (from)under , below

                legebey      mn teHat  Adna        teHalf
                the road     below     our village it passes.
                [The road passes below our village.]

                mn teHat     we     mn leAl
                from under   and    from above

    3. mn Hrs  = because of , owing to

               mn Hrs      eli   msl   melahyu     tba'sa
               because of  this  with  his friend  he quarreled
               [ He quarreled with his friend because of this]

     " mn Hrs " can also be substituted by " sebet " without change of
                sebet      eli   msl  melahyu     tba'sa.
                because of this  with his friend  he quarreled.    

     4. mn Hnet   = instead of

              mn Hnet      fejr     yom      deyu
              instead of   tomorrow today    do it
              [ Do it today instead of tomorrow.]

              mn Hnet   ekit  tthage     azim     Heys
              instead   bad   you talk   silence  is better
             [ Silence is better than you talk bad.]

             mn Hnet     enti      geysi   Huki           ligis
             instead of  you(f,s)  going   your brother  should go
             [ Instead of you, your brother should go.]

         5. mn Har/ mn reHar = behind, last 
            Both " mn Har" and "mn reHar" have the same meaning and 
            can be taken as a variance in the language use.         
             mn Har  klu         ata  / or  mn reHar klu ata. 
             behind  every one   he entered
             [ he entered last.]

             mn Har   klu        tehaga
             behind   every one  he talked
             [He talked last]

             mn Har   klu       terfa
             behind  every one  he remained
             [ He was the last one/ he remained behind every one.]
         Today we have learned the following new words
     Teyaret    = air plane
      ba'as      = quarreling
     (t)ba'sa   = quarreled (he),
     terfa      = remained
     azim       = silence
     ekit       = bad , evil, (noun)
     yom        = today
     fejr       = tomorrow
End of Lesson 28

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