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Lesson 25

et = in /at / on / when / while


    1. Perhaps et is one of the prepositions that have the most varied
       meanings in Tigre. Depending on its use in a sentence it could
       mean any of the following:

      1.1  in : like in a place

Examples 25.1

            et neqfa   Abay medreset   ttnedeq haliet
            in Nekfa   big school      building is
            [ A big school is being built in Nekfa.]

            et baSeE    Abi babur beHar re'eko
            in Massawa  big    ship      I saw
            [ I saw a big ship in Massawa.]

            et  lebiet       bezuH    Afsh    atewe
            in  the house    a lot    parcel  they took in
            [ They took a lot of parcels into the house.]

            Asa  et may    nebr
            fish in water  live
            [ Fish live in water.]

            Asa    et beHar  nebr
            fish   in sea   live
            [ Fish live in sea.]

      1.2 to
            egl le'adeg     et  leEchet asreyu.
            for the donkey  to  the tree he tied him
            [ He tied the donkey to the tree.]

      1.3. at
            we    la   et ta     seHaqka      as'leni beleyu
            and   that at which  you laughed  tell me  he said to him
            [ And he asked him to tell him at what he laughed.]

     1.4  while
            bezHat AneSit et smTu     ltelhaya Aleya we
             many   rats  in near him  playing were  and

            et    ltelhaya gle   mnen      et mqTen leHayet
            while playing  some  of them   on body  (of)the lion

            they climbed.

            [ Many rats were playing near the lion, and while playing
              some of them climbed on the body of the lion.]

            et    lsAe    wedqa    ke'gru        seberet
            while runing  he fell  and his leg   broke
            [ While runing, he fell down and broke his leg.]


    Today we have learned the following new words

            babur beHar    ship
            Echet          tree
            Argeya        they(f) climbed
            wedqa         fell, he
            egru          leg, his
            egr           leg
            seberet       broke
End of Lesson 25

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