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Lesson 21

mn = if/from/since (1)

   I.  "mn" is translated as "if" when it precedes a verb, and it is
       independent of the subject. "mn" also has the meaning of "from"
       and " since" which will be presented in Lesson 22.
       Let us see some examples for its use as "if"

Example 21.1

         enta   we    melehayka    mn   teHazu    giso.
         you    and   your friend  if   you want  go.
         [ You and your friend can go if you want.]

        Note that the subject is evident in the verb "teHazu" which
        refers to the second person plural in this case. If the subject
        is only "you"singular = "enta" then the verb would have been
        " teHaze" so we can say

           mn     taHaze      gis.      mn   taHazi     gisi
           if     you(m) want  go.      if  you(f)want   go

Example 21.2

         nawud     mn      meS'      lSebereni
         Nawud     if     (he)comes   (he) wait for me
         [If Nawud comes, let him wait for me.]

        amna    mn     tr'ya         lakeya.
         Amna    if    (you)see her   call her.
         [ If you see Amna, call her.]

         le'nas    shuqul     mn  rekb       denu      wefeda
         the man work/job if (he)find his debt would have paid
         [ If the man finds a job, he would have paid his debt.]

         ask    Ad    mn    geys    l'uk     byie    eglka.
         to     home  if   you go   message  I have  for you.
         [ If you go home, I will give you a message.]

         telefun   mn   wede   eb    Huyie    se'al
         telephone if  you do  about my brother ask.
         [ If you call ask about my brother.]

Note :   In tgre you either "telefun wede"  = do telephone or
                                   "telefun zebeT" = ring/ hit telephone

         abrahim male telefun zebTa = Abrhim called yesterday.
         abrahim male telefun weda  =  "       "        "
         zieneb  male telefun zebTet = Zieneb  called yesterday.
         zieneb male telefun wedet.  =  "      "       "

    Today we have learned the following new words

       den      =  debt
       denu     =  his debt
       feda     = paid back
       Sebereni = wait for me
       Seber    = wait
       lakeya   = call her
       lika     = calling (noun)
       shuqul   = work

End of Lesson 21

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