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Lesson 14

This, These, That, Those

       Are used in agreement with the subject and are translated
       as follows :

      1. This     ela   (f)
                  eli   (m)

Examples 14.1:

                 ela esit men lbula ?  Who is this woman ( What do they
                                          call this woman ?)
                 ela banderetna ta.     This is our flag.
                 ela gebey reyam ta     This road is far.
                 ela Arat dhr ta        This bed is low.
                 eli enas men lbulu?  	Who is this man? (What do they
                                          call this man?)
                 eli debr Abi tu        This mountain is big.
                 eli ktab nay men tu?   Whose book is this ?

Note :  eli is also used in many instances for plural subjects
              as we see in this examples :

Example 14.2:

                eli eben m nefeE ?       What use has these stones?
                eli adbr asmayu te'amr ? Do you know the names of these
                                         mountains ?
                eli nway bzuH tu         This is a lot of cattle.

       2. These : plural form of this:

                  elen   (f)
                  elom   (m)

Examples 14.3:

                  elen ans m beleya ?   What did these women say ?
                  elom seb m belewu ?   What did these men say ?

       3. That    leha       ( s,f )
                  lehi       ( s,m )

Examples 14.4:

             leha welet Hche ta   	That girl is my sister.
             leha esit emyie ta   	That woman is my mother.
             leha medresetna ta   	That is our school.

             lehi enas Huyie tu   	That man is my brother.
             lehi enas abuyie tu  	That man is my father.
             lehi debir lalmba ltbehal 	That mountain is called Lalmba.

Note in the examples above the use of ta and tu ( tgrNa : eya, eyu )
        for (f) and (m).

        4. Those  lehn

Examples 14.5:

              lehn awald Hawache ten   Those girls are my sisters.
              lehom wulad Hawuyie tom  Those boys are  my brothers.

Summary :

             ela   eli       this  (f,s) & (m,s)
             elen  elom      these (f,p) & (m,p)
             leha  lehi      that  (f,s) & (m,s)
             lehn  lehom     those (f,p) & (m,p).


     In this lesson we have learned the following new words:

           mn        who
           banderet  flag
           Arat      bed
           dhr       low
           debr      mountain
           eben      stones
           nefeI     useful
           mnefeI    what use does it have ?
           bzuH      a lot
End of Lesson 14
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