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Lesson 11

Connectivity Words (2)

The word "or"

      1. "Or" is translated in three different ways:

       ma is more often used in the question form, but not always .
Example 11.1:

        fejr ma fejr laha ?     Tomorrow or after tomorrow ?
        male ma male laha ?     Yesterday or before yesterday?

Note:  laha has the meaning of "the other", so fejr laha which means
       after tomorrow would strictly be translated as "the other tomorrow"

       2.  ewk and aw are more often used in the statement form.

Example 11.2:

        fejr ewk fejir laha Aqbl   return tomorrow or after tomorrow.
        fejr aw  fejir laha Aqbl     "      "      "   "       "

        For the feminine gender the above statement would read

        fejir ewk fejir laha Aqbli    you ( f, s )
        fejir ewk fejir laha Aqbla    you ( f, p )

        ana igis ma Hche tigis?        should I go or my sister go ?

Note: 	The "tigis" after Hche can be dropped because it is understood
   	from the context, so the sentence can read as:

        ana igis ma Hche ?

        esmera teAbe ma baSeE ?    Asmara is bigger or Massawa?
                                   [ Which is bigger, Asmara or Massawa?]

        keren reym ma aqurdet?     Keren is far or Agordat?
                                   [ which is far, Keren or Agordat?]

        enti aw Htki aw Huki 	  You (f) or your sister or your brother.

        may habeka ma Halib?      Water I give you or milk?
                                  [ Should I give you water or milk?]

        eb Teyaret aw eb babur 	  With airplane or with train I will travel
        egl esafr tu.  		  [ I will take the airplane or the train.]

       3. If there are more than one subject in a sentence the connectivity
         "or" precedes each one of them.

Example 11.3
                samya aw Hawa aw zieneb   Samia or Hawa or Zieneb


        We have learned the following new words

         fejr        tomorrow
         fejr laha   after tomorrow
         Aqbl        return (m)
         Aqbli       return (f)
         Hche        my sister
         Teyaret     airplane
         babur       train
         sefer       travelling
End of Lesson 11
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