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Answers for Exercise 4

     Complete the following sentences in line with the first sentence:
     1. htu ewan  meS'a ana  esekb  Alko    when he came I was sleeping.
                 ------      -----  ---
        hta ewan meS'at  htu sekb  Ala      when she came he was sleeping.
                 -----       ----  ---
        nHna ewan meS'ana  hta  (t)sekb Alet.when we came she was sleeping.
                  -------       ------  ---- 
        htom ewan meS'awu  ana esekb  Alko. when they(m) came I was 
                  ------       ----   ----  sleeping. 
        hten ewan meS'aya  nHna ensekb Alna.when they(f) came we were 
                  ------        -----  ---- sleping.
        ana ewan meS'ako  htu sekb Ala.    when I came he was sleeping.
                 ------       ---- ---

End of Answers for Exercise 4

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