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Answers for Exercise 3

   1. Provide the masculine form for the following sentences:
      and provide also the English translation:
      1.  ana  'iritriyet ana    ana 'iritri ana    I am an Eritrean

      2.  hta  n'ish ta.         htu n'ush tu      She/he is young.

      3.  hta male meS'at        htu male meS'a   She/he came yesterday

      4.  hten Hawat ten.        htom Hawe tom     They are sisters/brothers

      5.  enti fejr Aqbli.      enta fejr Aqbl You(f,m,s) come back tomorrow.

      6.  enti mn ta smki ?     enta mn ta smka   what is your name.

      7.  entn Hawat entn.      entum hawe entum  you (f,m,p) are sisters/ 

      8.  hta sma mn ta ?       htu smu mn ta     what is her/his name ?

      9.  hta we Hta Abayie ten.      htu we Huhu Abayie tom.
          she and her sister and old  he and his brother are old.

     10.  hta we melhyeta msl nebra.            htu we melahayu msl nebro
          she and her friend(f) live together.  he and his friend(m) live

End of Answers for Exercise 3

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