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Answers for Exercise 2

    1. Write similar sentences using different pronouns for the sentence 
       given below:
         ana   hgya tgre etAlem haleko.   I am learning the Tigre language. 
         nHna  hgya tgre ntAlem halena    we
         enti  hgya tgre ttAlemi haleki   you(f,s)    
         enta  hgya tgre ttAlem  haleka   you(m,s)
         entum hgya tgre ttAlemo halekum  you(m,p)
         entn  hgya tgre ttAlema halekn   you(f,p)
         htu   hgya tgre ltAlem  hala     he
         hta   hgya tgre ttAlem  halet    she
         htom  hgya tgre ltAlemo halewu   they (m)
         hten  hgya tgre ltAlema haleya   they (f)
  2.  Now change the verb and do the same thing for the sentence

      ana   eketb  haleko    =  I am writing.
      nHna  enketb halena    =  we   
      enti (t)ketbi  haleki   =  you(f,s) (t) almost silent.        
      enta (t)ketb   haleka   =  you(m,s)
      entn  ketba  halekn    =  you(p, f )
      entum ketbo  halekum   =  you (p, m)  
      htu   ketb  hala       =  he
      hta  (t)ketb  halet    =  she      (t) almost silent
      htom  ketbo halewu     =  they (m)          
      hten  ketba haleya     =  they (f)

End of Answers for Exercise 2

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