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Answers for Exercise 1

    1.  Complete the following sentences by providing the present
        verb to be ( tu, ta, tom, etc.) and also translate each sentence to

     1.  ebrahim we Hagos melhyam ____. tom  Ibrahim and Hagos are friends.

     2. iritriya  Adna _____. ta      Eritrea is our country.

     3. smyie musa _____. ta          My name is Mussa

     4. smyie arhet ____. ta          My name is Arhet.

     5. eli weldu _____.tu            This is his son.

     6. ela weletu ______.ta          This is his daughter.

     7. eli welda ______. tu          This is her son.

     8. ela weleta _____. ta          This is her daughter.

     9. eli Huhom _____. tu           This is their (m) brother.

     10. ela Hten ______.ta           This is their(f) sister.
End of Answers for Exercise 1

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