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Dehai Tigre/Tigrigna Standard

Dehai g'z Standard

     he  hu  hi  ha  hie  h   ho   (habtom, name)
     le  lu  li  la  lie  l   lo   (lemlem, name)
     He  Hu  Hi  Ha  Hie  H   Ho   (Hagos, name)
     me  mu  mi  ma  mie  m   mo   (meHamed, name)
     re  ru  ri  ra  rie  r   ro   (rahya, name)
     se  su  si  sa  sie  s   so   (sulieman, name)
     she shu shi sha shie sh  sho  (shumedin, name)
     qe  qu  qi  qa  qie  q   qo   (qelati, name)
     be  bu  bi  ba  bie  b   bo   (berhe, name)
     te  tu  ti  ta  tie  t   to   (tewelde, name)
     che chu chi cha chie ch  cho  (getachew, amHarNa name)
     ne  nu  na  nie nie  n   no   (nuredin, name)
     Ne  Nu  Ni  Na  Nie  N   No   (tgrNa )

     'e  'u  'i  'a  'ie  '   'o   ('aHmed, name ' may be dropped if 
				     it is in the beginning of a word, eg
				     'aHmed = aHmed and the sads ' will be
			             be replaced by "e" e.g 'sayas == esayas)

     ke  ku  ki  ka  kie  k   ko   (kemal, name)
     Ke  Ku  Ki  Ka  Kie  K   Ko   (zKone neger, any thing)
     we  wu  wi  wa  wie  w   wo   (welde'ab weldemaryam, name)
     Ae  U   I   A   Aie  E   O    (AbdelQadr kebire, name )
     ze  zu  zi  za  zie  z   zo   (adey zieneb, name)
     Ze  Zu  Zi  Za  Zie  Z   Zo   (shmeZana ab akeleguzay)
     ye  yu  yi  ya  yie  y   yo   (ysaQ tewoldemedhn, name)
     de  du  di  da  die  d   do   (meAsker denden, camp in Asmera)
     je  ju  ji  ja  jie  j   jo   (jabr, name )
     ge  gu  gi  ga  gie  g   go   (gerehlase, name )
     Te  Tu  Ti  Ta  Tie  T   To   (ibrahim sulTan, name )
     Che Chu Chi Cha Chie Ch  Cho  (Chekan, cruel)
     pe  pu  pi  pa  pie  p   po   (polis, policeman)
     Pe  Pu  Pi  Pa  Pie  P   Po   (PieTros, name)
     Se  Su  Si  Sa  Sie  S   So   (doktor fSum, name)
     fe  fu  fi  fa  fie  f   fo   (ftHi, justice)
     ve  vu  vi  va  vie  v   vo   (nay akal vitamin (sebHi Som), Alamin's song)

      kWe -   kWi kWa -   kW	   (kWinat, spear)
      gWe -   gWi gWa -   gW	   (gWal, girl)
      qWe -   qWi qWa -   qW	   (qWanqWa, language)
      QWe -   QWi QWa -   QW       (bHiQW, dough)
      KWe -   KWi KWa -   KW	   (KWaKWito, the plant )
The back stroke " ` " will be used to represent the sads ' when
it is applied in the following way.

kem'u ewn, or kemu 'wn becomes kemu`wn


, or : for : :: or . for :: ? for ? (selste neTbi) ; for drb serez ==========================================

Other relevant rules

: If a word or sentence is to be read as is in Latin characters, it must be preceded by ^ and end ^. Example hager ktmEbl ente KWoyna: bQedamnet tHte-QrSa ^infrastructure^ qedamnet qolaHta kwehabo alewo::

A Note On Tigre and Tigrigna Pronunciation

[This was taken from the book "mezgebe qalat smat iertrawyan : tgrNan tgren by Musa Aron, 1994, page 3-5. In addition to what is mentioned here, the book has an explanation about Tigrigna pronunciation of the g'z and rabE. More importantly however, this book has a good collection of Tigre and Tigrigna names and their meanings. Check it out; you will love it.]
g'z There is no Tigre pronunciation equivalent to the Tigrigna g'z sound. The pronunciation of the g'z vowel in Tigre is almost equivalent to a short rabE vowel of Tigrigna. Example meHemed should be read as in the way maHamad is pronunced in Tigrigna. (Except the rabE here should be short) befta should be read as one would read bafta;and seAedya as saAadya ka'b The kab' vowels are identical in both Tigre and Tigrigna. sals The sals vowel is read the same in both languages rabE The rabE vowel in Tigre is read like a long Tigrigna rabE. Note that Tigrigna doesn't seem to have a long rabE. Example Hel (read as Hal with a short rabE "Ha") means maternal aunt. Hal (read with a long rabE as Ha__l ) means maternal uncle. gedm (read as gadm with a short rabE sound) means now gadm (read as ga__dm with long rabE sound ) means plain men (read as man with short rabE sound) means who? man (read as ma__n with a long rabE sound) means right (hand). Hams: In Tigrigna, this vowel has the "ye" sound in it. i.e. biet == byet.In Tigre it is read as short as the Tigrigna g'z. Example: kiekya written in Tigre should be read as the Tigrigna reading for kekya (with the "ke" being short.) sads This vowel is read the same in both languages sabE This vowel too is read the same in both languages.

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