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Lesson 4

Demonstrative Pronouns

This-that, these-those

Singular demonstrative pronouns (this-that) are gender specific. Plurals (these and those) are the same in both the masculine and feminine genders.
Singular, Masc          This =  nin, ena nin       That  = enChadin

Singular, Fem           This  	= nini, ena nini     That  = enChadini
Plural                  These 	= nen, ena nen       Those = enChaden

Example 4.1. nin, or ena nin, this, (masc)
nin qura gn       	= This is a boy. ena nin qura gn
nin grwa gn      	= This is a man
nin shiraKw gn 		= He is tall; it is long

Example 4.2. nini, this (fem) nini anqi gn = This is a girl nini arba gn = This is a moon nini iKwina gn = This is a woman

Example 4.3. enChadin, that (masc) enChadin qura gn = That is a boy enChadin gira gn = That is a mountain

Example 4.4. enChandini, that (fem) enCadini anqi gn = That is a girl enCadini Ikwina gn = That is a woman

Example 4.5 nen, these; ena nen can also be used. nen qur (quraqur) gn = These are boys. ena nen qur gn. nen gr'w gn = these are men nen shirew gn = These are tall nen enqaq gn = These are girls. ena nen enqaq gn = These are girls

Example 4.6. enChaden, Those enChaden enqaq gn = Those are girls enChaden quraqur gn = Those are boys

New vocabulary.

anqi = girl enqaq = girls gr'w = men ikwin = women

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