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Lesson 21

Some Adjectives

An adjective says something about a noun. In Blin an adjective comes after the noun it describes. All adjectives have the same forms in plural, but they can be different for singular masculine and feminine.

grwa beher 	= great man,  big man
krnga Harfaf 	= rough stone
nan lawuKw 	= right hand
anqi shKardi 	= a beautiful girl 
		(literally, a girl of beauty, who possesses beauty).
adam tkyaKw 	= a good man (person)
kew tkyew 	= good people
qren tkyreri 	= a good country
gena bekiti 	= a kind mother
grwa Hasd 	= a cruel man
qura shKaruKw 	= handsome boy 
		(literally, a boy of beauty, who possesses beauty).
21.1 Most Blin adjective stand alone, some have a verb form, and still some others have verb and noun forms.

Some adjectives that do not have verb/noun forms

beher 	= big
gnay 	= small, little
uQtu 	= few
belnga 	= some
gemaI 	= old, aged (for people)
Some adjectives that have noun and verb forms are
Adjective: 	bungwa 		= lier
Verb: 		bungwitna 	= to lie
Noun: 		bn 		= lie
	grwa bunga 		= a lier (man)
	anqi bungwa 		= a lier (girl)
21.2 Some singular adjectives are different for male and female singular but plurals are always the same for both genders.
Adjective: 	shKaruKw 	= handsome, beautiful
Verb: 		shKartna 	= to be handsome, to be beautiful
Noun: 		shKar 		= beauty
Some adjectives that are the same for sungular mmasculine and feminine are:
suwana 		= thief; (plural: sukwan)
bunGwa 		= lier; (plural: bungut)
Examples: The examples below listed in the following order: verb infinitive (v), noun (n), and adjectives.
shKartna (v) 	= to be beautiful, to be good, 
shKar (n) 	= beauty
qura shKaruKw 	= a handsome boy
anqi shKardi 	= a beatiful girl
quraqur shKaru 	= handsome boys
enqaq shKaru 	= beautiful girls

sererna (v) 	= to be red, 		serenta (n)  	= redness
grwa seraKw  	= a red man,  		grw serew 	= red men
IKwina sereri  	= a red woman,  	Ikwin serew 	= red women
arebitna (v) 	= to be black, 		arebnar (n) 	= blackness
grwa areba 	= a black man,  	grw aref 	= black men
iKwina areba 	= a black woman,	ikwin aref 	= black women

shirna (v) 	= to be long, 		shirng (n)  	= length
qura shiraKw 	= a tall boy 		quraqur shirew 	= tall boys
anqi shireri 	= a tall girl 		enqaq shirew 	= tall girls

kuna 		= to kill (v), 		kuwn (n) 	= killing
kuwaKw 		= one who kills (he)
kureri 		= one who kills (she) 
kuwow 		= those who kill

TeAmbna (v) 	= to beat, 		TeAmba (n) 	= beating
TeAmbaKw 	= one who beats (he)
TeAmbreri 	= one who beats (she) 
TeAmbew 		= those who beat

enkelna (v) 	= to love, 		enkeli (n) 	= love
enkelaKw 	= one who loves (he)
enkelderi 	= one who loves (she)
enkelew  	= those who love

beketna (v) 	= to be kind, 		beket (n) kindness
sim bekit 	= a kind chief
seyem bekait 	= kind chieves

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