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Lesson 17


-di ....... -di ==> and

Two suffixes, -di .... -di,  are used to  connect two words to mean
"and" in English. In the geez script, -di and -di are attached to the
words they connect. One -di is not enough to connect words if the
meaning is "and".

Example 17.1
Adi Bdi  			A and B
Adi Bdi Cdi Ddi Edi  		A, B, C, D and E
Gabrdi Hailedi shan gn 		Gabr and Haile are brothers.
Gabrdi Afyetdi shan gn		Gabr and Afyet are siblings.
dmuredi gd'ngdi enkelsngeni	A cat and a dog dislike each other.
Gabrdi Afyetdi Umerdi Awkadi entnuKw 	Gabr, Afyet, Umer and Awka came.
yigenadi yi'Krdi entnuKw 		My mother and my father came.

yi + gena + di .... yi + i'Kr + di 
(yi, kwi, ni etc. Lesson  13).

enterna = to come, entnuKw = came (Lesson 9).

When you call father or mother in person, or if a child is talking, you
would say, instead:

ebedi adedi entnuKw 	= 	pap and mom  came.
(ebe 			= 	daddy, papa, 
ade 			= 	mom, mum).

When the two connected words are pronouns, the form of the personal
pronoun changes as in the following examples.

Example 17.2 
-di ..... di 	= 	and (in Personal Pronouns)
an feriya gn 	= 	I shall go (alone). This is personal pronoun (an = I) .
But observe the following:
ydi ... di ferno gn = Me and ... will go (never use andi ==> an + -di,
but an + di ==> ydi = I and ...)

ydi kudi ferno gn 	= 	I and you will go (Singular; or me and ypu)
ydi nidi ferno gn 	= 	I and he will go
ydi nrdi ferno gn 	= 	I and she will go
ydi enthedi ferni 	= 	I and you will go you (Plural)
ydi nadi ferno gn 	= 	I and they will go (naw + di = nadi)
ydi Ibrahimdi ferno gn 	= 	I and Ibrahim will go
ynedi nidi ferno gn 	= 	We and he will go (yn + di = ynedi)

The meaning does not change if the sentence starts with the second word
also, as in: ydi kudi ferno gn = kudi ydi ferno gn = you and I  will go.

The general pattern for the personal pronouns connected with -di ... -di
(= and) is as follows.
ydi ...   di 	=    	I and ...(or me and ..)
kudi .... -di 	=   	you and .....
nidi .... -di 	=   	he and ...
nrdi .... -di 	=   	she and ...
ynedi ... -di 	=   	we and ...
entedi ... -di 	=  	you (P) and ...
nadi ...  -di 	=   	they and ....

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