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Lesson 1

Personal Pronouns: subject forms

The second person does not have separate male(m) and female(f) forms for both
Singular(S) and Plural (P). The third person singular has different forms.

Person       Singular       	      Plural
1 I    		an      		yn
2.You (m,f) 	enti    		ent'n
3.(m) he    	ni      		naw
3 (f) she       nri     		naw

A polite form does not usually exist, but to some people use the plural form 
of the second person - ent'n.  For all persons, the verb gn is
 the form of the verb to be: gn = am, is, are.

Examples 1. 1  an = I

Person       Singular            Plural

I am    	an gn   		yn gn
You are (m)     enti gn 		ent'n gn
You are (f)     etni gn 		ent'n gn
He is   	ni gn   		naw gn
She is  	nri gn  		naw gn

Example 1.2

an kudan gn          	I am your brother (ku + dan)
an kushani gn           I am your sister (ku + shani)
an grwa shiraKw gn      I am a tall man
an iKwina gn    	I am a woman
an qura gn      	I am a boy
an iKr gn       	I am a father
an gena gn      	I am a mother
an blina gn     	I am a Blin (-speaker)

Examples 1.3  enti   = you, singular (for both sexes)

enti yidan gn   	you are my brother
enti yshani gn  	you are my sister
ni yidan gn      	he is my brother
nri yishani gn  	she is my sister

Example 1.4

yn kushan gn    	we are your brothers
yn kushan gn    	we are your sisters
yn shan gn      	we are brothers (sisters)
yn qraqur gn    	we are boys
yn ertriqur gn  	we are Ertireans
ni beKr gn      	he is first-born

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