Answers to Exercise 1

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Answers to Exercise 1

1. naw         		4. nri       	7. ni  or  an         10. nri
2. an.          	5. yn         	8. entn (ent'n).
3. ni            	6. naw      	9. Hni

1. naw Keren ferd`no gn.   		They will go to Keren

2. an genjuKun (genjuKwn).   		I slept

3. Petros md  (lunch) Qakw. ni ameri ferdo gn.
Petros eats lunch. He will go tomorrow.

4. nri  sabiti.  			She praised

5. yn  blin kntnekwn. 			We study Blin

6. naw blin kntenekw. 			They study Blin

7. an kudan gn.  			I am a brother of yours, or,
    ni kudan gn. 			He is a brother of yours.

8. entn ameri  Keren fertno gn. 	You (plural) will go to Keren tomorrow.

9. Hajai feruKw. ni mada yuKw gn. 	Hajai went (away). He is a friend of mine.

10. Shaket ferti. nri meherseti.  	Shaket went (away). She studies.