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How to write unmaintainable Code: This comes naturally to some, but here's the definitive guide if you need the technique.


Software Wars, ca 2000

softwareWars.gif (33384 bytes)

Software Wars, ca 2002

softwarewar.jpg (186647 bytes)

Software Wars, ca 2003 
2003softwarewar.gif (64001 bytes)

Software Wars, ca 2006 

Software Wars, ca 2011 


These are found with other Open Source wisdom at http://www.atai.org/softwarewar.html.  Many thanks to Andy Tai for seeing the clouds of war gathering a few years back and keeping us up to date with the campaigns. 

Here is another take on Software Wars, with more of a 'personal computing' view. The original, by SittingDuckBE, can be found at Deviant Art

Software Wars, ca 2011 

Creative additions to the Sysadm bag of tricks: Etherkiller


Make your Friend read this on your way over to fix their computer: Six Reasons TGWIGWC Hates You. More truth laid out with some humor: Seven Reasons Glitches Won'g Go Away


WMD Spoof on Cannot find requested web page...


OO Pizza


This isn't OS & it's not real either, according to snopes.com, but a'int it a great shot?

SharkAndHelicopter.jpg (243622 bytes)


If GM built Cars like Microsoft builds Windows...


Check out this merger: mslinux.org


If OS were airlines


Infinite Loop, in Foxtrot


How the Internet was begat


Creation, with a dog in it

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