Deep Technical Skills are Always in Demand

Lay on Deep Technical Skills: Networking, App Development, and Business Analysis. These, coupled with the Business Foundation, will lead into an IS career. The course in our 'Technical Core' only _introduce_ students to the technologies involved. Students need to go beyond the introduction and develop skills on their own.

Start working on your 'portfolio' early. Make exhibits of any technical work you do and put them in the binder. Preserve and polish artifacts of your best work with Visio, Rational Rose, MS Project, Visual Studio, or network management tools. Technical interviewers like to _see_ what job candidates can do and a portfolio is a good way to show talent, skills, and interest in the field. Candidates with a portfolio are moree likely to be hired.

When you finish a course, don't stop working with the technology or tools it teaches! Do more. Don't limit yourself to only one of our 'tracks', make sure you can demo some competence in all areas of IS. You need to be able to sit down and pass the 'behavioral technical interview' that will have lots of applicants going back out the door their degree opened, without a job.

Pay attention in class! Take notes! No technical interviewer is going to give you a multiple-choice interview! No Boss is going to keep you on if you play with your smartphone during meetings and appear to be ignorant of what went on. Some jobs ask for faculty recommendations, and no faculty member is going to write one for a student who doesn't pay attention in class, behaves in a disrespectful manner, or doesn't Ace the courses they've had with the instructor.

Information Systems need fewer and fewer smart people who can get things done, and reward the few the best.

Here's an article that's representative of what I hear at from IS professionals involved in hiring: Inside IT Employment

CIO Magazine: Six Hot IT Jobs for 2012; Get these 7 Skills other applicants for your job are lacking!

Y'all know I push App Dev. So does NPR with this article: For Software Developers, a Bounty of Opportunity.

More Tech Skills in Demand! Skills and certs in Cisco, RedHat, Windoze are 'specially valuable.

The INFO465 students I see leave for the biggest bucks into the best situations are technically adept or expert, have Aced every quiz or project I've assigned them, and have excelled in the other courses of our technical core. In the way past, IS/Accounting dual-majors got the top $$$. In recent years, any of the tracks can lead good students to an excellent situation for top $$$. From what I see, those who get through our courses with low grades and don't have any skills to sell have to settle for low $ and may never get a job in a field that requires Deep Technical Skills.

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