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Fall 2020 - IT Infrastructure & Security

Link to Zoom Virtual Classroom: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 & 3:30


(9/22) Quiz #2 on the topics Security & Professional Standards and Storage will be Thursday October the 8th.

The due date for HOL #3 Web Site to Specs is pushed back a week to the 1st to allow for tech support to get it done and worthy of a place in your portfolio of technical stuff.

The Pop Quiz for getting the sample code or equivalent in place was scored from these snapshots taken well after the deadline:

Points have been updated with these, and for the few errors and late submits since the last update.

(9/16) Today's Pop Quiz was to get the Sample Code or equivalent into your web directory at info300.net. Points will be posted for having it there by midnite tonight.

Please don't underestimate the value of learning all or most of those acronyms about management and security of IT. It is a profession, and when hiring managers want to see that applicants understand the profession. Knowing about CIA, CIAAN, COBIT, GES, PCI, SOX, ANSI X12 EDI, Threat Vectors, SCADA, and other seemingly arcane acronyms can be very, very valuable. Please take them to heart along with the other topics we cover.

(9/12) The Progress Pages have been set to remove the Outline and show red marks for the web work. Next class meeting will get started on setting up the web directory.

The current topics for Quiz #2 are Security & Professional Standards and Storage. Please get into the posted text and video and come to class with questions...

(9/11) Points have been updated with HOL through the Outline, Quiz #2, and the Pop Quizzes. These snapshots were used for scoring SHOL Outline:

Thanks for so many of y'all making it an easy quiz to score, seeing so much correct stuff is easy on my freyed cones, it's only drawing in to see what's wrong that fries my eyes...

(8/27) The specs for the HOL project are at the bottom of your class' Progress Page at info300.net.

HOL Due Dates: (By midnight on the due date, graded the following morning.)

There is no requirement for the full 'term paper' this semester, only an outline and a good looking article on a mobile-first, responsive website that meets other specs. If you find a good article that you can abstract into your Tech Market Brief and it's makes a good looking Outline, use it. A few references worked into a well-outlined article that can be used to demonstrate semantic markup is all that's required.

Remember that one of the prime objects for your website at info300.net is to clearly demonstrate semantic markup for page layout and content. The outline that ypu put in your Outlines/Brief1 should be clearly reflected with h1, h2, and higher header tags if you used them on your web/Brief1.html

Prior Notes

Notes from earlier in the course are found here: Prior Notes.


IT Infrastructure is considered in three parts: Computers, Storage, and Networking. A professional in IT is expected to know about security and professional standards and principles of transaction logging, backup, and best practices for providing as close to 100% availability and security as is possible. Skills in technical drawing and unix and windows at the command line are valuable in a portfolio of stuff when it's time to look for a job. These are the topics covered, will be dated as they're introduced in class...

Hands on Linux:

(8/17) Working server-side with linux command line and the vi editor. Develop an outline for a brief on an approved topic about the IT marketplace, suitable for a blog or portfolio at LinkedIn. Publish the brief as a mobile-friendly website, responsive, standards-compliant, a clear example of semantic markup that fits the outline. (HOL Parts 1 thru 3 Video Lectures)

Security & Professional Standards

(9/15) Pillars of Information Security: CIA, CIAAN, ACID, Transaction Logging, Backups, Redundancy in Depth; Protection; EDI; Threat vectors; Professional Standards: COBIT, ITIL, GES, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, &c... (Study Questions | Video }


(9/17) Current Storage Tech: HDD, SSD, Flash, Hyperconverged, Cloud, &c; EDP History: Cards, Tape, Drum, Disc, SSD; HDD Geometry and Management: CHS vs. LBA, Slack Space, Fragmentation, &c; RAID; Attachment: DAS, NAS, SAN, NFS, The Cloud; Transaction Logging & Backup... (Video Lectures | Study Questions)


Definitions; Sketch The Internet & Ethernet; Visualize & Secure Network Traffic; Setup a LAMP Stack in the cloud, firewall it; Infrastructure & Regulation, Management; Data Centers & IX; LANs; Network Management and Security Tools; Visualizing Traffic: Internet, LAN, WiFi Analysis, RF Spectrum, Firewall & its Logs, Packet Sniffing, Port Scanning; Networks Surveyed by Name, Size, & Technology; PSTN, Ethernet, Internet, VPN, Real Private Networks; The Ground & Fried Networks... Study Questions | Lectures for Networks Topic (updated 6/30)

Data Centers

(7/6) Data Center Fundamentals; Tradeoffs: Onsite vs. Data Center, Mainframe vs. Server Farms; Provisioning a Data Center; Internet Exchanges... (Video Lectures | Study Questions)

LAN Project:

(7/6) Memo From the Boss, Visio demo, Intro to Networking, DMZ Firewall, Rack Diagram, Office Floorplan with Network Drops, Read and Follow Directions, Prep Purchase Orders & Summaries of up-front purchases and recurring costs. Videos: Simple Floor Plan | Memo From the Boss & Rack Diagram


4 or 5 Generations of Programming Languages; Types of Software: Malware, Security, Version Control & Divers Others...

Data Structures & Algorithms

Watch this spot...

Prior Topics:


(8/14) Syllabus, Provost's Policies, Classroom Behavior &c, Quiz & Makeup Policy. On-line: Headset is nice to have, quiet place with builtin mike and speakers is OK, Id held next to face may be requested at quiz time...


(8/17) Platforms: Hardware, Software, Dependence, Independence, Cross-Platform, Scalability; VARs, Vertical Markets, CPUs; Operating Systems: FOSS & Proprietary; 7 Modern OS Functions; Range of Hardware Platforms: Embedded through Super (Video Lectures | Study Questions)

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