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(3/16) As mentioned in class, more LAN Project Examples have been posted. These include a couple of excellent, complete projects that show the required documents. And, there are some less-good drawings that point out some common errors that cause loss of points.

(3/14) Our advisers in the UnderGrad Dean's office ask that we post mid-term grades, so I do. The Quiz #1 score was spread out a little to get the letter grade since there are only 20 points: 16+ is A, 13+ is B, 11+ is C, 9+ is D, and less than 9 an F. Quiz #1 is not a perfect predictor of the final grade in the class, but those who got a C or less need to change habits or consider withdrawing from the course.

(2/28) Tutorials: It's a pleasure announcing Silma Hossein is this semester's teaching assistant for INFO300 and INFO465. Her hours are: 3-7 Mondays and 12-4 Wednesdays for the time-being, may be adjusted. She'll be located near the bistro at the West end of the atrium. Silma's eid hosseinss is the only email that pops up in vcu mail if you'd like to arrange a meeting. She's got a good eye for these technical projects, has been the first and best with LAN & HOL projects, and Aced all quizzes.

(2/22) The LAN project is afoot and the next class will demo setting up Visio drawings for the floor plan, LAN wiring, and rack diagram.

(2/20) We're starting on the Networks topic today with the instructor sketching and discussing The Internet, commercial bandwidth, and Local Area Networks on the board. We'll be into the LAN Project next week, so please get Visio on your computer...

If you don't have Visio, or maybe haven't gotten around to virtualizing your Mac, here's a repeat of Important ISY Information about Net Techs' availability and MSDNAA-Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance for Visio or Windows. The MSDNAA also has every kind of MicroSoft server from MSProject through SharePoint. Skills with these are in great demand...

(1/24) We're nearing the mid-point of the Computers chapter, past History of von Neumann's machines and into CISC & RISC today. The major topics to come are about the Range of Computer Platforms and Operating Systems.

Quiz #1 is tentatively set for February 13th. Please get your eyes on the sample questions and come to class with questions and to the quiz ready for an A...

(1/24) Virtualize your Mac or Windoze: Several courses in the School of Business and INFO Dept use Windows applications, so a Windows computer is pretty much a requirement. Where graded assignments depend on Windows apps you'll find yourself working on a thin client in the 2nd floor lab if you don't have a computer that runs Windows!

Many students with Macs meet the requirement by virtualizing or dual-booting their Mac to run Windows. Learning how to virtualize and run multiple OS on Windows is a valuable skill, too, especially if there's room to run Kali Linux, maybe CentOS...

Sun/Oracle's Virtual Box is free and is what our IS Net Techs can help with the best. Virtual Box doesn't have much share in a market that is dominated by VMWare and Windows HyperV, but it is free and helps introduce your brain to virtualization.

VMWare Fusion or Workstation are not free, but do have an educational discount with your email, but are similar to the server virtualization products. Any of these approaches will help prepare you for network management and security,

The IS Net Techs are offering two training sessions where they'll consult about whether Boot Camp or Virtual Box is best for your Mac or Windows machine. Then they'll help with downloading Windows, Visio Pro, and other software from MSDNAA.

There are two training sessions in B3201: Monday 1/29 10a - 12p and Tuesday 1/30 10a - 12p.

Here are the Event Flyer and Important ISY Information about net techs availability and MSDNAA-Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance. The Important Info pdf has enough on it to get network-savvy students through the download process. If you can't make the seminar and can't do this stuff, the Net Techs will consult individually.

(1/15) Hi! Please read through the Introductory and Computers topics. We'll spend about three weeks in class looking at computers from every which way. Then, Quiz #1...

Points & Critique for projects are posted from last semester. There are 3 quizzes at 20 points each making a total of 108. This semester will be similar. Last semester about 1/3 of the class got D or F, more than half got A or B, with a few Cs. Please show me more Aces this semester, no Ds or Fs would be fine with me. Students who get an A say that everything they need is on-line, that the instructor covers the material in class, and taking notes is the best way to start studying for tests.

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