Project Points as at Wednesday 4/18:

These include a few late submits that were skipped earlier, were marked 'Located Late Submits'.  Next update is likely Friday after late submits and HOL Part #2 have been scored...

Last 5 V# LAN Project Points LAN Critique HOL Dlv 1 Dlv 1 Critique
03104 20 Overall fine job, lots of care with details of purchase and the drawings. The only thing I note as out of whack is that network equipmnet is slipped backwards in the rear view of the rack, as in the best of the front/rear samples posted, might want to paatch that before putting this in your portfolio, appears accurately drawn even with this gaffe. Curved corners on drops and jumpers are appreciated. 5
08562 19.5 Floorplan is useful as drawn, might be the way somebody would pull the wires, bundle should be thicker and labelled 'bundle of CAT6', some drops are missing for networked printers. Rack is very well drawn and highly detailed front/rear view, appears accurate, missed spec for rounded corners on jumpers, bonused back all but a fraction for this. 5
08912 20 That green background on the purchasing docs is going to suck your ink-cartridge dry, docs would look better if all the POs were the same width, no loss of points, just IMHO for a portfolio, POs appear reasonable and are summarized as requested. Clear floorplan has IP assignments, might want to make bundle thicker than separate drops and label as bundle of CAT6, also run them inside the premises. The rack is accurately drawn as a front-view schematic and is clearly labelled. Consider a front/rearview like one of the better-drawn samples posted with the assignment to put in your portfolio.. 0 Nothing done, not one session
09294 19.5 Floorplan is clearly drawn, misses spec for Telecomm symbol and jacks aren't in the walls as requested, has jumpers pulled across offices across the room. The rack is a clearly drawn and labelled schematic front view, would suggest drawing each jumper instead of putting 5 together on one connector. Purchasing docs are neatly assembled, reflect an extravagant romp through HP, would be easy to fix in a meeting... 5 Minimal done to get paragraphs, sentences spec got points.
Located late submit 5
11180 17.5 Purchasing docs appear reasonable and are summarized as requested, maintenance is doubled up with 12% applied to the entire purchase although some big items are listed separately like WebNPO maintenance. Rack diagram appears sloppy with different shapes for each jumper and several crossed lines where none are required. Floorplan is also sloppy, has freelt-drawn curves instead of connectors with curved corners as demo'd and in the best samples, is somewhat useful. 5 Files barely got specs, File2 with elipses
11381 19.5 Wildly extravagant, is twice some I see, 90% over most, is all neatly assembled, could be brought in line in a meeting. Floorplan is neatly and accurately drawn, missed spec for curved corners on drops, has us moving the ladder a lot, isn't consistent with the width of the drops that peel off the bundles. The rack is a clearly drawn front view schematic, is useful, isn't as flash as a well-done front/rear view with all VisioCafe shapes... 5
12123 20 Servers are wildly expensive and other costly components make this a very expensive proposal, but is neatly assembled and could be fixed in a meeting. Diagrams are crystal clear, got all specs 5
Is in late heap 4 Left pasted UniCode in spite of assignment to edit paragraphs with vi

14531 19.5 Summary of cost page mixed recurring with up-front purchases inappropriately, but docs are neatly prepared and would be easy to corrent the draft in a meeting. Diagrams are very clear, would suggest floorplan could be improved by making the bundle's connector thicker, labelling it 'bundle of CAT6' and peeling drops off it to the Telecomm symbol, which could be made larger to make jacks easier to see. 5
14628 18.5 Purchasing docs appear close, are neatly assembed with the requested summaries, would be easy to patch after a meeting with the boss. The floorplan shows drops as whispy broken lines on the printed copy, telecomm jacks could be a little larger, missed spec for curved corners on drops and jumpers. Rack diagram appears accuragely drawn, is a clear-enough schematic, misses spec for xcurved corners on drops. Labels appear sloppy on the rack, should be aligned with each other, not jumbled around with different shapes on the callout lines. Free-hand drawn VOIP/switch jumper is ugly, servers use VisioCafe shapes, but are backwards in the rack. Check the best of the front/rear views in the samples posted and practice before putting this in your portfolio. 2 Left permissions out of spec, no Files comply with paragraphs/senteences spec.
15543 18 Purchasing docs are well-prepared, appear reasonable, would be easy to fix in a meeting. Floorplan misses spec for curved corners on drops, doesn't have enough Telecomm connectors for shipping bench, wouild be better with thick bundles of CAT6 with thinner drops peeling off it, as drawn doesn't look like ethernet network. Rack appears accurately drawn, misses spec for curved jumpers, doesn't label all the ports on the DMZ, otherwise is good-looking with VisioCafe shapes for equipment, would suggest doing it again with front/rear view, reference the best-looking of the samples posted, to make a better piece for a portfolio. 5
15676 0 Another submit showed up way late under my door, is also not acceptable, purchase orders are mostly to the same supplier. Package too closely resembles another student's project, most errors are the same. On-time submit: Not acceptable as presented, floorplan is incomplete, leaves boss' sloppy sketch in place, isn't an improvement. Purchasing docs are wildly formatted, useless as printed. 4 Left a permissions spec violation on Outlines. Logs show quick work ahead of deadline.

0 Nothing done
17374 19.25 Purchasing docs and summaries look reasonable, well put-together. Floorplan is minimal, accuratey traced, misses points for non-curved, wispy drops. Rack diagram is well done, should dummy up bare plates for back of patch panel if you're not using VisioCafe which shows both. Drops would look better if all the same style of curved lines, IMHO, and if they were plugged into the ports on the switches and not the bare metal, some IP assignments are amibiguous sincle labels are place in the jumper and not callouts to the ports as requested. 5
21269 0 Not acceptable, drawings not complete, floorplan is not an accurate tracing and way distorts the shape of the remises, not drops, rack is likewise distorted, tooo small to use, and has no drops or IP assignments. Purchasing docs are neatly assembled but have some made-up entries that don't get specs in memo, like PCs - 8 Gig RAM for $279 and items like the cart left blank. Didn't follow advice to use few, well-known vendors so parts could be looked up.
No summary of up-front purchases.
2 Missed spec for paragraphs and sentences in the Files. Stay away from SFTP except to move graphics
21989 0 Not acceptable: The floorplan is neatly done, but doesn't have drops accurately drawn, looks like the whole offices' only network attachment is WiFi and that's specifically not the case, there are lots of crossed lines. The rack isn't complete, is a jumble of inappropriate shapes, has keyboard at shoulder level. Please rework and resubmit. 5
Is marked Late 2, will be posted soon 5
28343 20 Thicker bundles with thinner drops peeling off would show topology better, has misplaced some jacks where jumper woul pull across office. Rack is clear, simple schmatic, get VisioCafe and practice if you'd like more impact in a portfolio, Rack is almost too small to be useful as printed. Purchase orders appear reasonable with some questionable choices, are neatly assembled and could be patched in a meeting. 5
Located late submit 5 Cleared out UniCode, is appreciated
29277 18.5 All is neatly put together, any questions/corrections from the boss could be touched up in a meeting. Floorplan misses spec for curved corners on drops and doesn't use requested Telecomm jack symbol where drops are terminated. Rack appears accurately drawn, could be polished a bit my using similar shaped curves for all the drops. 4 Left a permission out of spec

36108 18 Rack is a clear schematic with exaggerated ports for ethernet/IP assignment, misses spec for curved corners on drops and jumpers. Extened dmarcs for T3 would probably leave the dmarc shed close to the wall and along the inside of our premises, not the netighbor's., better-looking drawings have drops bundled, also spec asks for curved corners on drops. Telecomm adaptors should be the same-sized symbol througout the diagram, and in the offices the jacks. Upfront cost summary isn't in the requested format with a line for each supplier so we know how much to write the checks, yours is a re-statment of the details from the well put-together purchase orders, would be easy to fix in a meeting. 5
38534 0 Not acceptable: Lots of croseed lines in the floorplan where none are specified, shelf unit shapes are way distorted, impression is a very sloppy diagram that doesn't have network jacks where needed, attention to some details is appreciated. The rack has crossed lines where none are specified, has ambiguously labelled ip assignments. There is no upfront summary by supplier, and almost all Purchase orders span pages making them hard to read an impossible to use. 4 Files don't get paragraphs/sentences spec.
38723 19 Highly detailed and colorful floorplan, misses spec for curved corners on drops, and has them placed where jumpers need to be pulled across office or around corners, drops on back counters would be better placed on the walls. Front/rear view of rack has patch panel and switches installed backwards on rear view, callouts don't have consistent lines. Check the better of the front/rear views in the samples provided with the assignment and practice would get you better-looking stuff for a portfolio. Purchasing docs appear reasonable, have the requested summaries, and bar charts are the 1st I've ever seen. This is all put together well and any corrections would be easy to make in a meeting. 5 You need to stop using SFTP for everything and show me you can navigate at the command line...
39080 18 Floorplan jumbles drops for CAT6 with extended dmarc for the T3, has some drops pulled across the office in spite of advice not to. Both drawing miss the spec for curved jumpers and drops, rack has lots of crossed lines where none is desirable, has taken care to clearly label IP assignments. Details aren't clear enough to check after items, like 4 Intel servers with no model or part#, others are clearly shown 5 Logs show quick progress ahead of deadline
39521 0 Way late, is unacceptable, no purchase orders, no requested summaries, and the drawings are not useful as printed. 0 Nothing done past passwd
40330 0 Not acceptable, is incomplete, floorplan isn't a faithful tracing, no drops or jumpers on diagrams, no summaries, only purchase order is one cart on-line. 5
40861 16 Floorplan is neatly done, misses spec for curved, bold connectors for drops, yellow lines with square corners are very hard to see, appears accurately and thoughtfuly drawn. Rack is a clear schematic view, appears jumpered and labelled accurately, could stand a little un-kinking of jumper, maybe revisiting labelling to be more consistent, turn off the U-numbers. Purchase orders appear reasonable, purchasing summary is not included, recurring costs look OK. 5
I recollect a timely submit, is not with others, will toss the office 5
42751 0 Unacceptable, submitted without required summaries: Floorplan is carefully put together, useful as drawn, missed fraction for not using curved corners on wispy network drops that don't look like as spec'd. Rack is a clear schematic of a rack, would only suggest lighter lines for the callouts to the IP assignments.. Talent like this should be taking onVisioCafe and practice. 5
43477 0 Not acceptable: incomplete floorplan has no drops or Telecomm jacks, isn't useful for the installer. Rack diagram could be improved by being consistent the curve style at the bends and printing it twice as big. Purchasing docs are clear, draft could be easiy patched up in a meeting. 5 Now that you've moved bootstrap to the server, please stay away from SFTP...
Nothing here 0 Nothing done, not one session
43644 20 Diagrams appear accurately drawn. Floorplan could be improved by making the bundled cables thicker and lebelling them, then pulling thinner drops off the bundle to the Telecomm jacks. Rack is a little cluttered and hard to pick jumpers off the fronts of the equipment, also colors dont really help in this case, might appear less cluttered with same-colored jumpers pulled off to the side of the rack to emphasize the DMZ. Purchasing docs are complete with summaries, a good draft that could be easiy patched in a meeting. 5

0 Nothing done
44632 0 Unacceptable: Way late, under door, no purchase orders, floor plan is not this semester's case study. Please review this semester's assignment and the examples of acceptable work posted. 5
Marked Late Under Door 5
Marked as Late Under Door 4.5 Left three long lines in otherwise fine work
Located late submit 5 Did absolute minimum for paragraphs and sentences.
47459 20 All rings true very quickly, is appreciated. Rear/front view of rack could be improved by making whispy jumpers bolder and making the curves similarly shaped. Extra effort like showing _every_ jumper on the rack shows talent and respect for the assignment. 3 Pasted Unicode in Files where assignment was to use vi to edit files and avoid desktop editors, lorem ipsum generators. Logs show good approach to the project.
49583 0 Not acceptable as submitted, incomplete rack and floorplan, will be looking for complete package. No need to make up items #s where they're not used to tie to a cataloged items. Purchasing docs and summaries appear reasonable, are well put together, draft would be easy to patch in a meeting. 5
50056 18 Drawings are neatly done, appear accurate, are clearly labelled. Docked point for missing spec for curved corners on drops and jumpers. Purchasing docs have some wild items like 2 8-core CPU at $135, but are neatly put together and would be easy to update in a meeting. 5
50065 19 Misses spec for curvy drops and jumpers and oterwise drawings are clear and reflect some care. Purchasing docs are neatly assembled and have the required summaries which appear reasonable. BOD wasn't closely checked. 5
Late, maybe with reason, PLMK 0 Nothing's there, what's up?
51968 0 Not acceptable as presented, no summay of up-front purchase cost by supplier as required. Meanwhile: the rack appears accurately drawn and labelled, would suggest polishing it some by plugging jumpers into switches' ports and not bare metal, and separating jumpers better with consistent curves, as drawn they converge into a single line near their jack and is hard to see. There is are two extra switches under the kvm drawer, which is placed alittle high. The floorplan misses the spec for curved drops, which would be clearer if the bundles were thicker and had simgle drops peeled off with a curved intersection, as drawn doesn't resemble ethernet's topology, also drops were spec'd to be wall mounted and not require jumpers pulled across floors or along walls. There are some extravagant choice in the purchase orders, but they are neatly put together and would be easy to fix in a meeting. 5
52230 19 Floorplan appears accurately drawn, isn't consistent with the spec for curved corners on drops, also misses advice to place wall jacks where jumpers aren't pulled accross the floor. Clearly drawn schematic of rack is clearly labelled, isn't as polished as some I see, might consider turning off the U numbers and getting the callouts lined up more neatly without kinks in the callout lines that detract from a more pro look. The Tiger direct bill is maybe a little pricey, that and any other errant details could be corrected in a meeting. 0 Nothing done
53125 0 Not acceptable: Purchase orders are inconsistenty formatted, some illegible as printed, are incomplete, and they're all to the same Vendor. Floorplan appears accurately traced, misses spec for curved corners on drops, bundles should be thicker and labeled as bundle of CAT6, jacks are placed where jumpers would be pulled across an office or wall, drops on shipping bench dont terminate on the wall. The rack has hand-drawn, ambiguous assignments of ips to jumpers, and _all_ jumpers cross where specs ask for no crossed lines. 5
53471 20 Clearly drawn schematics are useful as printed, rack could be touched up to avoid jamming jumpers together on the DMZ, adding a curve or two would spread things out. The floorplan has the T3's drawn as thick as a bundle, might be more clear drawn like a single drop wire? Purchasing docs are put together well and have requested summaries, appear reasonable, recurring costs are higher than others I see.. 5
53655 11 Please rework and resubmit. Floorplan is accurately traced and nicely detailed, misses spec for rounded corners on network drops and bundles, as drawn the bundle's not visible because it's on top of the wall and has square corners, uses a lot of extra wire to get to the rear of the building. The rack diagram reflects an enthusiastic start with VisioCafe shapes for everything, but the diagram is not useful as printed and isn't accurately jumpered, appears like wrong-scaled drawing was used? Check the best of the samples posted of front/rear view racks well-done. Summaries are not labelled, are not consistently formatted, some PO are to the same vendor. 2 No Brief1 at all, didn't complete Files
53887 17.5 Floorplan doesn't quite fit page, is missing jacks forprinters aounr the building. Drops are very hard to see, running inside walls with a very thin connector, should all be running inside the premises, otherwise appears to be an accurate tracing of the sketch provided. The rack is a clearly labelled schematic, might be improved by pulling jumpers to the side of the rack, are hard to see as drawn with light color over the fronts of the servers, U-numbers could be hidden to make more room forlabels and callouts. Purchasing docs and summaries appear reasonable, draft would be easy to fix in a meeting. 0.5 Nothing past 4/5
Is marked Late Under Door 5
Located late submit 0 Logged in four sessions, most typed at last minute was JJJJJJ...
Is marked Late Under Door 5 SFTP to move framework components is OK, so is moving images, please use command line and vi for next steps
61728 20 All is clear and useful, summaries, purchase orders are neatly done, appear reasonable, would be easy to touch up in a meeting. Diagrams are clearly drawn, useful. I'd suggest pulling all the blue drop wires inside the premises, also the red dmarc extensions should come inside at the rear of the warehouse near the dmarc shed. 5
63273 19 Nicely detailed floorplan's drops and Telecomm outlets are almost impossible to see as printed, appear accurately placed, missing a couple printers' jacks. Missed spec for curved corners on drops, these blend into the walls. The rack appears accurately jumpered, some labels are ambiguous pointing at the left side of the chassis and not the ethernet jacks as spec'd. Purchasing docs are neatly assembled and have requested summaries. 3 Pasted Unicode in where assignment was to edit Files with vi and avoid desktop editors.
63783 20 Only suggestion to offer is to move the ip assignment callouts on the rack to the other side so it doesnt create so many crossed lines over the jumpers. This is a fine piece of work, crystal clear, has all required parts, would be easy to correct the draft in a meeting. 5 Make sure to put ZM in a market context, find other proprietary approaches...

5 Put it there quickly, got all specs
68880 15 The summary of upfront costs is not the summary by supplier that was requested, is only a re-listing of details from purchase orders. Good looking drawings need some work. There are no drops drawn on the floorplan and several are missing for networked printers. The rack is a valiant attempt and appears jumpered and labelled accurately, uses VisioCafe to good advantage -- but equipment is in the racks backwards. Switches and patch panels face the front and ethernet ports on servers are almost always on the rear. Check out the best of the sample drawings and fix yours for a good-looking piece for your portfolio. Marked Way Late. 5
69237 20 Dead-on, all rings true quickly, appears effortless, some would pull the drops the way you've drawn them, I'd run them along walls as a thicker bundle labelled CAT6 Bundle and 'pigtail' off it with the drops, less moving the ladders, fewer pulls... 5
69345 19.5 Purchasing docs show an extravagant romp through Tiger Direct, but the package is well put together and would be easy to fix in a meeting. That $49K switch has no place in our network! The floor plan appears accurately drawn is clear and useful, would be improved by making the bundles of Cat6 thicker and labeling them as bundles. Dmarcs for the T3 would probably leave the dmarc shed where the DSL is drawn and stay inside our premises, not in the neighbor's space as drawn. Some jacks are drawn so jumpers aare pulled across the office or along a baseboard. The rack is a clear schematic front view, would look more polished if the lines in the callouts were all the same style,. similarly shaped, and the ip assignments aligned with each other. You can turn off the U numbers, would look less cluttered, curved drops are appreciated. 5 Logs show quick, effective effort ahead of deadline
72784 17 Floorplan has walls inacurately drawn in several places, isn't an accurate tracing of the drawing provided, although I do note care in placement of some details, like dimensions. Wall jacks are placed where jumpers will be pulled across the office or around the corners, shelves are missing, not placed as in the drawing. The rack is not accurately jumpered and ehternet port/IIP assignments are ambiguous. On the printed copy, black jumpers drawn across black faceplates makes them hard to see, the DMZ doesn't have enough ports or jumpers. The purchasing docs are neatly prepared, appear reasonable, would be easy to fix in a meeting. 5 Enjoy bootstrap, those flags are OK...


4 Pulled together project quickly, pasted UniCode into Files
85670 20 Good-looking floorplan, would only suggest thickerer connector for bundles of CAT6, labelled as such, with thinner drops peeling off it to the jacks, would look more like CAT6, where yours could be coax. Rack is clear. Do another with VisioCafe shapes for everything, front/rear views, would show up better. Purchase orders have some wildly extravagant choices, like tapes, that could be easily fixed in a meeting 5 I been obsessing on 'mine eyes have seen' for a week and here it is in ascii chars, always moving!
88338 0 Late, Not acceptble, incomplete drawings, purchasing docs are indeciperable, scattered all over way too many pages. 5
91156 0 Not acceptable: Rack doesn't identify ip assignments as spec'd, lots is ambiguous, lotw of crossed lines. Floor plan has no drops, is missing major features, is clear there is no idea of what goes on in the warehouse. Neat set of purchase orders of dubious provenance, none of the summaries required. 5
Late, marked Use This but other submit not seen 5
98541 20 Well put-together set of docs and drawings, all very clear and usable as printed. 5
98667 0 Not acceptable: Purchase orders are missing the 'each' column so are difficult to interpret, each has been inappropriately replaced with 'Payment' where all have 'one time' Please see the sample docs in the good-looking examples posted with the project. The floorplan is printed too small to be useful, isn't accurately traced, attention to some details is appreciated. The rack misses the spec for curved corners on jumpers and appears accurately drawn. 5
99754 17 Well put-together purchasing docs appear reasonable, would be eacy to fix up in a meeting, has requested summaries, Rack appears accurately drawn and labelled, lack some 'polish' seen in others, might want to revisit jumpers to make them all the same-styled curves, and place connection points uniformly on the servers so the ehternet ports are all drawn the same. The floorplan is a good attempts, but has desks where shelving units should be and has left out some walls, has shipping and receiving benches outside on the middle of the loading dock, all hard to see on the boss' ugly sketch. Is not an accurate tracing. It doesn't terminate drops in the walls with Telecomm symbol as demo'd and spec'd. 5