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IT Infrastructure & Security - Summer 2017


(8/6) Final Grades are posted for review, including points and critique for the projects and tech market brief. There are 115 points for this semester, so total points at BB are divided by 115. It's a pleasure seeing all As and Bs and some thoroughly pro stuff on projects.

(7/21) Quiz #3, HOL, and Website are all due at the last class, the 2nd. Quiz #1 or #2 may be retaken on the 2nd and the score will replace the prior score.

(7/17) Points and critique for the LAN project are posted.

(7/12) NEW category of memory I was stumped finding in class: 3D XPoint, pronounced '3D cross point' is the first new category of memory in about 25 years. It's 1000X faster than the NAND memory currently in use for non-volatile storage, which is good, is still 1000X slower than RAM, but will have lots of applications in personal and enterprise computing. Currently, 128 Gigs fit on a die the size of an Intel CPU...

(7/12) INFO300.NET is set up for the summer. Set to it... The 'progress page' isn't mobile friendly yet, but everything beyond the link to your index.html is required to be.

(7/12) Due dates for Tech Market Brief and HOL:

(7/10) Pick a topic for your Tech Market Brief from the list of pre-approved topics, or one you'd like better, and be ready to claim it at roll-call on Wednesday the 12th. We'll be connecting to the server at info300.net via ssh and getting the first deliverable for the HOL project and a placeholder for your website at info300.net. Bring a notebook computer with a real keyboard. or a tablet with Server Auditor for a Mac or ConnectBot for Android.

Click Prior Announcements to see announcements before the 10th...

Current Topics:

Topics are arranged in approximate order of presentation, are dated as they're covered in class...

Quiz #2 Topics:

(6/29) Storage, Internet Infrastructure, Data Centers, Data, Hardware, RAM, CPUs, History, Backup & Transaction Logging...

Tech Market Brief & Hands on Linux:

(7/10) Working server-side with linux command line and the vi editor. Develop an outline for a brief on an approved topic about the IT marketplace, suitable for a blog or portfolio at LinkedIn. Publish the brief as a mobile-friendly website, responsive, standards-compliant, a clear example of semantic markup that fits the outline.

Quiz #3 Topics:

Visualizing network traffic; security & professional standards and best practices; packet sniffing; firewall scripting; spectrum analysis; generations of programming languages, version control, data structures and algorithms.

Prior Topics:


(6/12) Syllabus, Provost's Policies, Classroom Behavior &c, No Wandering Out and Back Into Class, Quiz & Makeup Policy...

Quiz #1 Topics:

(6/12) Operating Systems, CPU Architectures, Platforms, Legacy Providers and Emerging Tech, Recent Market History, FOSS, Software Wars, Mobile, 7 OS Functions, Range of Platforms...

LAN Project:

(6/21) Memo From the Boss, Visio demo, Intro to Networking, DMZ Firewall, Rack Diagram, Office Floorplan with Network Drops, Read and Follow Directions, Prep Purchase Orders & Summaries of up-front purchases and recurring costs.

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