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IT Infrastructure & Security - Spring 2017

(5/8) Quiz #3 Study Questions for Spring 2017 are posted for the topics covered since Quiz #2.

(5/7) As at Sunday evening, about half the LAN projects are scored and points/feedback may be posted by late in the day Monday. My 'bionic' reading eye is on & off blind, close work like grading stuff is hard on it, sorry to say it's flagging at mid-day Monday...

(5/5) From email about 'how do I put graphics or framework files in my account at info300.net?': FileZilla or Chrome's addon SFTP Client may be used to copy graphics or CSS framework components to your files at info300.net. Make sure to download FileZilla from the official Mozilla website and opt out of any other products they may be pushing. FileZilla is trojaned at some other download sites. Chrome aficanados, there are several SFTP clients available as add-ons -- you can find one that doesn't have ads and doesn't transmit anything anywhere...

Mac users who want more command-line skills can use scp at the Mac command line to copy files: open a terminal session which will place you in your home directory; cd to Pictures or other directory where you've put pictures or other files to copy; use scp-Secure Copy Program like this to copy to your home directory at info300.net, replacing ThisHere.png with the name of the file to copy:

scp ThisHere.png yourlogin@info300.net: 

Scp will prompt for your password at info300.net and copy the file to your home directory. Or, this will copy directly to your web directory:

scp ThisHere.png yourlogin@info300.net:web/ 

(5/5) HOL Part #2 was scored from these snapshots taken Friday morning:

Please, remember that working at the command line and getting comfortable with vi are among the top objectives for the HOL project. Do not edit on a desktop and paste stuff to the server.

(4/27) Quiz #3 Study Questions have been updated for this semester. Topics covered since Quiz #2 are: HOL Project; Binary, Decimal, and Hex; Data representation; Backup & Transaction Logging; 4 Generations of Computers; Visualizing and securing data.

(4/26) HOL Part #1 will be scored from these snapshots taken Wednesday morning:

(4/11) Tech Market Brief and Hands On Linux: (4/18) Get topic approved in class; (4/20) Part One - Topic Posted; (5/4) Part Two - Outline & References Posted; (Exam Day) 3-page Mobile-friendly Website & Printed Tech Brief.

(4/11) Exam Day: The first hour of the exam period will be used for Quiz #3. Students may take a missed Quiz #1 or #2 or re-take a botched quiz after Quiz #3. An optional final exam covering material from Quizzes #1 and #2 will be offered for students who want to re-take both quizzes. In any case, the score earned on the re-taken quiz will replace the earlier score. Exam times:

(3/28) Quiz #2 will be April 6th. Both sections asked to move Quiz #2 to April 13th. It will include the The topics on Storage, Backup and Transaction logging. The pages for Quiz #2 Topics and Study Questions have been marked up with an indigo header to show the cutoff point...

(4/4) NEW category memory! 3D XPoint, pronounced '3D cross point' is the first new category of memory in about 25 years. It's 1000X faster than the NAND memory currently in use for non-volatile storage, which is good, is still 1000X slower than RAM, but will have lots of applications in personal and enterprise computing. Currently, 128 Gigs fit on a die the size of an Intel CPU...

(3/28, 4/6) Quiz #2 will be April 6th. Both sections asked to move Quiz #2 to April 13th. It will include the The topics on Storage, Backup and Transaction logging. The pages for Quiz #2 Topics and Study Questions have been marked up with an indigo header to show the cutoff point...

(3/23) As we're discussing Internet media, new technology that promises to increase the bandwidth on transaceanic and coastal cables to 32 Terabits per fiber. Nokia & Facebook are working together in a couple of projects to prove it works. Some fibers already in place can have their capacity more than doubled using the new technology...

(3/16) Sorry a note about MSDANAA wasn't posted before, and thanks to Mr Klimowski for pointing it out: I'll delay demo of tracing walls, connection points and connectors, drawing network drops between patch panel and wall jacks, jumpers on the rack diagram, &c until next Tuesday. Meanwhile, please read the memo with a highlighter and notepad and get questions ready. Finding a supplier that can source almost everything you need is a good idea, fewer POs is better than more. To the list already posted add walmart.com and newegg.com, as mentioned in classes today, and PLMK if you find others you like.

Get Visio Pro on your notebook computer asap, please. Activate your MSDNAA-Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance account by going to www.isy.vcu.edu, and clicking on the Software link in the Department Resources section on the left side of the page. Click the link to Login to the MSDNAA Site and use the Reset Password link to set your password each semester. Your Username is the first part of your vcu.edu email address, without the @vcu.edu. Go past the warning about the SSL certificate -- the site is secured with a self-issued certificate. Click on Visio Pro 2016 and follow the prompts for download. Mac users can get Windoze 7 or 8 to load on your virtualized Mac.

If there are any problems with password, installation, or virtualization of a Mac to run Windows and Visio get in touch with the network techs asap. Their office is just West of the network room at the West end of the 4th floor hallway, hours are 1:00 through early evening, or contact them via their email. We'll be starting with the LAN project and Visio on Thursday the 25th.

(3/14) Thanks to Mr. Gore, who sent along a shot of the VOIP phone on his desk. The phone plugs into the ethernet and a desktop PC or small switch can plug into the phone. Note the Made in China tag where we've got a good supply of reasonably priced phones after Lucent and Alcatel proved unable to compete in this market...

(2/7) Quiz #1 will be Thursday the 16th. Sample questions are at the end of the Quiz #1 Topics page. Please bring questions to the review on Tuesday. We've immediately started into Quiz #2 topics, will start on the LAN project after networking and telecommunications topics and terms have been covered.

(1/20) The IS Net Techs offer seminars about Virtualizing Macs or PCs with Virtual Box or dual-booting and are always available for help. Virtual Box is available for free, and the seminar will also cover the MSDNAA-Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance where free MS products, including Windows 10 or 7 are available for students. The seminars are 1/31 at 10:00 and 2/1 at 1:00. This is an excellent opportunity to get your Mac or Windows Notebook virtualized. Here are this semester's flyers: IS Flyer Spring 2017 and ISY Flyer.

(1/17) Points and Critique for Projects are posted from last semester.

(1/17) Here's a breakdown of 131 points for Spring 2017:

Quiz #3 will be given at the exam time. Students who need to take or want to retake Quiz #1 or #2 may take either quiz after Quiz #3. Students who would like to retake both Quiz #1 and #2 may take a cumulative exam that has questions from the topics for Quiz #1 and #2. If a quiz is retaken the score earned on the exam day will be posted -- this is not 'the highest grade will be posted'. If the cumulative exam is taken, the score earned will replace both Quiz #1 and Quiz #2.

(1/17) HOL Part #2 from the Fall semester was scored from these snapshots taken 11/30: Eleven, Three Thirty, Five Thirty.

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