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IT Infrastructure & Security - Spring 2017

This page has been retired after Spring Semester

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(5/15 6:30 8:30pm) FINAL Grades and Critique are posted next to the last 5 digits of your VNumber for review. PLMK any errors or ommissions you might see. Final grades will be entered from this spreadsheet, not BB, at about 11:00 Tuesday morning. The BB point calculation is somehow corrupt and can't be trusted.

(5/14 pm) Quiz #3 and all the makeups were posted to Blackboard. It was a pleasure posting lotsa big increases from the makeups!

(5/10) The red splats got lotsa different reactions this semester: Stuff in the Logs.

(5/10) are posted by the last 5 digits of your VNumber, not the number on your VCUOne card. Late-arriving projects aren't scored yet, may be up late Wednesday. Exams, briefs, and web work won't likely be scored until Thursday or Friday.

(5/12) Response to email about 'I can't see changes on the progress page or in my browser'. This usually comes up near the deadline:

The progress page is only updated once a minute at one second past. Does that explain it?

Also, you need to click refresh on your browser to refresh, can't just click on the link. And, if you've got a view source window for html or css, or are running developer tools, you need to refresh the html or css there before clicking the browser's refresh button or ctrl-r to refresh it.

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Topics are arranged in approximate order of presentation, are dated as they're covered in class...


(1/17) Syllabus, Provost's Policies, Classroom Behavior &c, No Wandering Out and Back Into Class, Quiz & Makeup Policy...

Quiz #1 Topics:

(1/19) Operating Systems, CPU Architectures, Platforms, Legacy Providers and Emerging Tech, Recent Market History, FOSS, Software Wars, Mobile, 7 OS Functions, Range of Platforms...

Quiz #2 Topics:

(2/9...) Storage, Internet Infrastructure, Data Centers, Data, Hardware, RAM, CPUs, History, Backup & Transaction Logging...

LAN Project:

(3/14) Memo From the Boss, Visio demo, Intro to Networking, DMZ Firewall, Rack Diagram, Office Floorplan with Network Drops, Read and Follow Directions, Prep Purchase Orders & Summaries of up-front purchases and recurring costs. Due April 11th Thursday April 6th.

Tech Market Brief & Hands on Linux:

(4/11) Working server-side with linux command line and the vi editor. A well-researched brief on an approved subject about the IT marketplace. Publish the brief as a mobile-friendly website, standards-compliant, a clear example of semantic markup that fits the outline.

Quiz #3 Topics:

(4/27) Visualizing network traffic; security & professional standards and best practices; packet sniffing; firewall scripting; spectrum analysis; generations of programming languages, version control, data structures and algorithms.

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