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Sketch The Internet & an Ethernet

Here are dot-points to go along with the 'sketch of the internet' the instructor scrawls on the board. Some graduates report that their technical interviewer, or the receptionist, asked them to 'sketch The Internet' or 'name the important features of The Internet' as part of an interview or test given before the tech interviewer wastes time talking to somebody without enough enough technical skills and knowledge to warrant an interview...

How to learn this stuff: Google is our friend on most IT topics and 'Internet Infrastructure' is one of them. Search with any of the acronyms or new words, clusters of them get the best results, and learn to pick out those links pithy with what you need to know. Sometimes, googling the _images_ gets your eyes on the right topics the quickest. If there's an image that makes sense there's usually good content behind it...

Seek out good study guides, websites or books, for the some entry-level certificates like A+, Security+, or Network+ and get one or more. Our textbook is very 'high level', so are the links on the class' page, and there are few of the nitty-gritty details that help develop deep technical skills needed to work in IT and IS.

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