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Email to gasaunde@vcu.edu is the best way to reach me. I see email to this address almost daily. Most contact with students is in class, in my office, or via discussion pages & email, so these are my #1 priority. The 'phone is never answered when there is anybody in my office or other work is in progress, and I only check messages after email has been leveled and any other work is done. My office 'phone number is 804-827-7416, but voicemail left there may not be heard for days if I'm working off-campus, but email gets regular attention.

My office is on the 4th floor of Snead Hall, B4122, Main Street side of the building, near the stairs to the downtown side of the curve.  For all but US Postal Service the address is: c/o VCU School of Business; Snead Hall; 301 West Main Street; Richmond, VA 23284.  USPS address is Post Office Box 844000; Richmond, VA 23284. 

Please ask questions about class or assignments in class where answers may be heard by all. If I've been unclear in any way you'll be doing a great service for me and other students by asking first. If there is a discussion group or mail list set up for your class please ask questions there. Some classes don't have a discussion group and questions via email are most welcome and will be posted on the class pages. Please don't use my office hours to substitute for attendance or attention in class.

Debugging & Critiquing Projects: I do not attempt to debug applications or markup or critique drawings or other projects unless the student requesting the critique is present in my office or lab time in class. Please do not attach Visual Studio solutions, scripts, technical drawings, or other projects to email for critique or debugging! Please do start on projects as soon as they're covered in class and get tech support during open lab time in class. Most of the Aces in my courses are earned by students who say they find everything they need on-line or in class and don't need office hours. _Lots_ of the Aces are from students who were clueless at first, then caught on to the tech at hand with my help, or that of somebody else during lab time in class.

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Information Systems
VCU School of Business

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