INFO465 - Senior Projects in IS - Summer 2012

Current Stuff as at Monday August 6th:

Points are posted for everything seen as of 3:00 August 6th. Ms Gebru and Mr Andrews are still working, all others are final.

Gold Star Here's a Gold Star for Mssrs Johnson & Scofield who are first at the Ledger Engine with Good Looking Trial Balances, minimum or no rejected JV's!! Mr Lugo has a late-arriving but enthusiastic flinging of JVs, gets honorable mention...

Upload your Project #1 Dlv #4: Zip it up with Windows Zipper (not RAR please) and upload it via this Upload Link. No points earned at demo will be posted until the app is uploaded.

Pop Quiz! Two points are available for a demo of CUA cursor movement. Polish your app so that the 'Tab Stops' start at the top and end at the bottom of your form. Make sure your user can navigate thru the form using the Tab key. Add 'Keyboard Shortcuts' to your buttons so they don't require a mouse click.

Last class: met at the rear of the 'big 2nd floor lab' for the 2nd sitting of the Exit Exam, not 2123 as on last Thursday. After you finish the Exit Exam, please chill out in 2121, the regular classroom, until the last Examinee has completed. Write your name on the board in the sequence you arrived and that'll be the order the Demos of Dlv #4 will be seen. If you're not ready to demo Thursday, I'll have office hours from Noon thru 3:30 on Friday and Monday and can see your demo then -- arrange the meeting in advance via email, please.


Here are the Schema & Sample Data promised in class.

F I N A L Grades are posted from last semester. This semester's will be similarly assigned.

Class Meetings & Topics:

(6/12) Intro to the course:

Syllabus and A 'Design & Build' Experience. Please note the course objectives in the syllabus and plan to demonstrate that you've met them, repeatedly!

My objective as an instructor trying to maintain the value of our IS Degree is to _see_ that each student can listen, read, write, take direction, and demonstrate proficiency in concepts and tools for analysis & design, database, structured & OO programming, and project planning. Max points are posted for delivering the best results on time.

The course is the capstone for our technical core of INFO350-Programming, INFO361-Analysis & Design, and INFO364-Database.  It revisits the topics and challenges skills developed in these courses, and requires that a student recognize and produce professional quality application objects, docs, and other artifacts of projects.

Get your development software if you don't already have it: PHPers please request a login account at; most Microsofters have VS.NET 2008 or 2010, but if you need to get it, MSDNAA will not be up until after add/drop. Please note: This is a time of 'platform issues' where 64-bit vs. 32-bit is a big deal! Beware if you've got the machine you bought in your Freshman year.

No wandering in and out of lecture policy: Take care of any personal issues before class starts. Evening sections will take a ten minute break at about 8:00. If you must leave class before the break, please wait until the break to return to your seat.

Pop quiz: Demo'd 'fulfillment cycle' using, asked class to sketch UML Sequence or other diagram showing interfaces with customer, order picker, and the ACH.

Project #1, Deliverable #1 Part #1 demo'd and assigned

(6/14) Dlv #1 Part #1, due TBA: Be able to authenticate two classes of Users, Owner/Manager & Salesperson/Technicial with a table like the BE/BusinessEntity table used in class, and deliver an appropriate menu to them, at least displaying their authority in the system.

Dlv #1 Part 2, due a week after: Have a suitable interface for CRUD on the BusinessEntity & GoodsAndServices tables: able to create new records, lookup existing ones & update them.

Make sure your BE table maintenance app supports CUA cursor movement and provides ComboBox or other 'lookup' so the user never has to guess about codes, ledger accounts, or foreign keys. Provide all fields appropriate for polite correspondence via snail mail (Street Address, Extra Line, City, State, and Zip) and is can take-on customer data from this page: Customer Data.

(6/14) Make your database and code comply with this Rubric For Scoring to get full points for Dlv #1, Part#2.

Dlv #1, Part #1: Authenticating a User w/ reference to a Database: Intro to, Visual Basic, Windoze Forms, SQLServerCE, Plain Classes, Database Connection String, &c, &c...

(6/19, 21, 26) Open lab in class, to work on database and app.

(6/21 & 28) Demo an ugly, web-based App doing startup and a couple days' operations, then hitting the Ledger Engine. Checked in Dlv #1, Part #1.

(6/28) Run thru the accounting for a startup and a couple days' ops slow-motion on the board, populating the five tables, made two Journals and a Trial Balance net zero. MySQL Database with Schema & Sample Data is here.

Project #1, Deliverable #2 demo'd and assigned

(6/21 & 26) Preview Deliverable #2, critique a good-looking doc on the board.

Project #1, Dlv #1, Part #2: Objects and code for Table Maintenance, SQLServerCE, and Table Maintenance, Access Database. Look at sample scripts for tricks common to database programming like escaping single-quotes, handling NULL data, matching up ComboBox index with data in the table, searching for records, syntax for insert/update, loading a listbox with the 'array list' scheme, &c...

(6/28) Business process modeling using the Sample Database Relationships among Entities, GoodsAndServices, Orders, Details, assigning ledger accounts to Details; Journalizing activity. On the board and with a MySQL database.

Project #1 Resources:

Project Deliverables 2 thru 4:

Due dates for these will be posted at the top of the page.