INFO465 - Senior Projects in IS - Summer 2011

Current Stuff:

Final Grades are posted. Due to confusion about the rubric 'table maintenance for the GS table' one point was restored for all students who did not have it, and a bonus point was posted for those who found the requirement and had it. Exit Exam points were calculated by adding up the three tests' scores, taking the average of the top 3 scorers (180) as the 10 point mark, and posting the fraction of each students' (points earned/180) times 10.

Use this Uploader to upload your zipped solution directory. Please use Windows to make the zipped directory, please don't use rar. One point per midnite passed will be deducted for late-arriving projects.

About the psX12JV: Take care that the date on the JV* line is the 'accounting date' that showed up in the drop-down when choosing a date to journalize, without the date & time! The date/time on the *!*! line is the date & time that the transaction was submitted.

End of Semester: We'll meet in the regular classroom on the 26th, 28th, and 2nd for a half hour, quick Q&A, then adjourn to 2123 (next door) for the Exit Exam. There will be an open lab on the last class, the 4th, where you can get last-minute issues worked out and/or demo Dlv #4. Dlv #4 must be presented on or before the end of class on the 4th for full credit. For those who will be dancing at and past the deadline, the absolute last day to get points for Dlv #4 is Tuesday the 9th and 1 point per midnite passed after the 4th will be deducted from the score.

The Ledger Engine is set up for this semester and is eagerly awaiting your JVs. Find your 4-digit psX12 Enterprise Id on the Reports -> All Current Enterprises page and use it in your psX12 JVs.

Class Meetings & Topics:

(6/14) Intro to the course:Syllabus and A 'Design & Build' Experience. Please note the course objectives in the syllabus and plan to demonstrate that you've met them, repeatedly!

My objective as an instructor trying to maintain the value of our IS Degree is to _see_ that each student can listen, read, write, take direction, and demonstrate proficiency in concepts and tools for analysis & design, database, structured & OO programming, and project planning. Max points are posted for delivering the best results on time.

The course is the capstone for our technical core of INFO350-Programming, INFO361-Analysis & Design, and INFO364-Database.  It revisits the topics and challenges skills developed in these courses, and requires that a student recognize and produce professional quality application objects, docs, and other artifacts of projects.

Get your development software if you don't already have it: PHPers please request a login account at; most Microsofters have VS.NET 2008 or 2010, but if you need to get it, MSDNAA will not be up until after add/drop. Please note: This is a time of 'platform issues' where 64-bit vs. 32-bit is a big deal! Beware if you've got the machine you bought in your Freshman year.

Project #1, Deliverable #1

Project #1, Deliverable #1 Part #1 demo'd and assigned: Part 1, due TBA, Be able to authenticate two classes of Users, Landscaper & Helper, with reference to a table like the BE/BusinessEntity table used in class, and deliver an appropriate menu to them. Part 2, due a week after, have a suitable interface for CRUD on the BusinessEntity & GoodsAndServices table: able to create new records, lookup existing ones & update them. 3) Make sure to support CUA cursor movement and provide ComboBox or other 'lookup' so the user never has to guess about codes, ledger accounts, or foreign keys.

Preview Deliverable #2, critiqued 3 similar packages on the board.

(7/3) Pop quiz, Demo'd 'fulfillment cycle' using, asked class to sketch UML Sequence or other diagram showing interfaces with customer, order picker, and the ACH. Mr

More Dlv #1: Authenticating a User w/ reference to a Database: Intro to, Visual Basic, Windoze Forms, SQLServerCE, Plain Classes, Database Connection String, &c, &c...

Open Lab after Discussion: Requirement for Cash Only Tender; Don't use Liability accounts in your scenario, don't use Inventory; &c, &c; Scrawl diagrams necessary/sufficent for Project #1: Class diagram along the lines of sample software, documenting your application 'as built'; Database Entity highlighting one-to-many relationships among: BE, GS, ORDERS, DETAILS, & LEDGER; Concise Data Dictionary; Tables populated with sample data for startup and a couple days' operations...

Project #1, Dlv #2


  1. Good-looking Trial Balances at the Ledger Engine, at least 3 JVs posted, 7 points.
  2. The Application to be scored by The Rubric when demo'd in class or my office and uploaded using the link to be provided. 20 points.
  3. Your MS Project Plan showing tasks as planned & actually delivered, (tracking gantt) printed and delivered in class, or slid under the door if #s 1 & 2 above are submitted late.
  4. If you scored less than 16 points on Dlv #2: Resubmit the documentation package updated to reflect critique of your Dlv #2 and your database and application as built, neatly printed, stapled at the upper left corner, no binders please.

(3/3) About Structure

Review Structure and OO...

Project #1 Resources:

Unorganized stuff, will be moved up as needed...

Issues with Project #1 Dlv #1 Components:

Project #1, Dlv #1, Part #2, 'Table Maintenance' was due Thursday Feb 24th. Working apps using the sample code have been shown to me by three or four of the front-runners in the course, and the VS2008 & 2010 and SQLCE examples posted have been tweaked and appear to work fine.

Efforts that don't use the sample stuff are most welcome, C#ers and PHPers are showing up well, too, and have tons of grace since VB is demo'd in class.

Known issues with the sample VB/SQLCE scripts:

F I N A L Points are posted for Summer 2010.

Rubric for scoring Dlv #4

(3/30) Database ERD: Here is a database very similar to the one we'll start prototyping apps against. One change needs to be to add 'start time' and 'stop time' to the Details so we can do time keeping for the employees. Please keep in mind: Everything MCTP buys or sells is in the GS table including 'services' of employees. GS for sale to customers will have a CATalog entry. 'Orders and Details' is the answer to all questions about QOH, Ledger, Where is my stuff, &c, &c...

System Development Methodologies

(3/23) SDMs, importance of them, importance of describing your favorite on a behavioral interview; SDLC vs ADM (broken presentation, needs to be fixed or viewed with IE); Project Survival Guide: A quick consideration of McConnel's view of what's important about software projects, Process of planning & documentation Maslow's hierarchy of needs applied to IS Projects, &c, &c...

The Ledger Engine is eagerly awaiting _valid_ psX12 JVs to build Good-Looking Trial Balances. It's email address is (Replace the AT with @, any address here will get spammed like crazy...) Streams of JVs originating by Midnite Thursday will get 5 Points Max, others will lose one per midnite passed without the GLTB.

Front Runners:Please use the 'Last 25 Emails' report to get an eye on what you're transmitting. Check out the psX12 standards, or use the Last 100 Emails, to get your eye on the format for a psX12 JV. Mr A, you're still putting the *!*! line on the first line of your body text & it doesn't belong there. And, the psX12 standard doesn't use () around credits, it uses a minus sign. Dollar amounts xmitted in a JV should be formatted without a decimal point the same way they are in a CAT. Ms M & Mr L, your pounding at the door with CAT transactions which I hope will soon be valid JVs.

Blank Use Case Form