INFO465 - Senior Projects in IS - Summer 2010

Current Stuff:

F I N A L Grades as at Friday afternoon...

SQL Server Compact Edition Demo: is a Visual Studio.NET app that connects to a 'local database'. Here is an incomplete page with notes from a few hours' exploration. A web page about the difference between SQL Servers Compact and Express. More than most other career paths, IS puts the burden on its practitioners for 'lifetime learning'...

Project #2 will be to add EDI functions for catalog and supply chain management to your application for Project #1. More about this as Project #1 gets along...

Dlv #1 Due Date: Thursday evening, July 8th, printed copy delivered to class. Electronic copy, single document, attached to email to me before class.

Keep Dlv #3 In Mind! Be keeping a journal of your activites, including class meetings, so you don't have to depend entirely on recollections to get your MS Project Plan together...

F I N A L Points from the Spring Semester.

Class Meetings & Topics:

(6/15) Intro to the course:Syllabus and A 'Design & Build' Experience. Please note the course objectives in the syllabus and plan to demonstrate that you've met them, repeatedly!

My objective as an instructor trying to maintain the value of our IS Degree is to _see_ that each student can listen, read, write, take direction, and demonstrate proficiency in concepts and tools for analysis & design, database, structured & OO programming, and project planning. Max points are posted for the best results.

The course is the capstone for our technical core of INFO350-Programming, INFO361-Analysis & Design, and INFO364-Database.  It revisits the topics and challenges skills developed in these courses, and requires that a student recognize and produce professional quality application objects, docs, and other artifacts of projects.

Get your development software if you don't already have it: PHPers please request a login account at; most Microsofters have VS.NET 2005 or 2008, but if you need to get it, MSDNAA will not be up until Thursday.

(6/17) Pop Quiz, asking for sequence diagram of order entry and fulfillment for a purchase demo'd with

(6/17) Demo VS.NET app from prior semester, PaveMend. Sell equity, buy product, sell product, show journal, xmit jv to the ledger engine, compare local trial balance with the one at the ledger engine.

Project One

Project 1 Resources

Objects & Scripts for ' Table Maintenance'. Look at sample scripts for tricks common to database programming like escaping single-quotes, handling NULL data, matching up ComboBox index with data in the table, searching for records, syntax for insert/update, loading a listbox with the 'array list' scheme, &c... 64-bit, SQLServer Express sample scripts to be provided on or about the 1st...

Business process modeling demo'd uses this Sample Database, Relationships among Entities, GoodsAndServices, Orders, Details, assigning ledger accounts to Details; Journalizing activity shown on the board.

The Ledger Engine is in your future. psX12 Enterprise Ids assigned.

(3/23) Good-looking Trial Balance & psX12 JVs via smtp or http web service. 'Journalization' processes; SQL's format function applied to date/datetime columns; getting dates into a combo box for selection; Displaying a Journal; methods for getting the decimal point out of dollars and cents to conform to psX12's standards; 'hash totals' and counters for psX12 control values; emailing a psX12 JV (email a CAT). For those who would like to use a Web Service to xmit their JVs, sending a psX12 JV via web service is provided in VB.NET, with the same objects involved in C#.NET. Please note, there is nowhere posted an 'xmit a JV' script in the course materials. Write this yourself, and be prepared for a Pop Quiz asking you to sketch structured notation for this 'control class'. 'Email a CAT' is provided to show syntax and logic for using .NET's smtp client to launch email. 'display a JV' is provided to show how to make display 'human readable' Journal. You'll need to 'put them together' or design a fresh approach that gets a valid JV to the Ledger Engine...

Rubric for scoring Dlv #4

More specific stuff:

Unorganized Stuff to be Moved Up

(6/15) Run thru Sample Database, link below, suggested architecture for Project #1 database, what's sufficient and necessary for max points on Dlv #4.

(6/15) Authenticating a User w/ reference to a Database: Intro to, Visual Basic, Windoze Forms, Plain Classes, OLE, JET, & ACE options in Database Connection String, where to put an Access Database (in bin/debug/ ), &c, &c...

Some people are still using VS8-2005 and Access-2003 and the database connection should work as in the sample scripts. For those using VS9-2008 and Access-2007, use this instead:

Dim AuthCnxn As New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=YourDBName.accdb")

Anybody using VS2010, keep me posted how it goes...

(6/15) Demo working Project #1, Hawke Enterprises, source of some of the sample scripts. Sold equity, xmit'd psX12 JV to the Ledger Engine as a web service, show acceptable 'Table Maintenance' interfaces.

(6/15) Pop quiz, Demo'd 'fulfillment cycle' using, asked class to sketch UML Sequence or other diagram showing interfaces with customer, order picker, and the ACH. Mr

(2/4) Lab Time to connect apps to database, &c

Standardization Admin of INFO360 Assessment Test Tuesday the 9th. It's likely you've seen all these questions before, embedded in other tests you've taken in earlier courses. Here, we're presenting them all at once, 50 multiple-choice questions, to see what difference Seniors bring to the results. (2 to 5 points depending on quartile.)

(2/23, 25, and 3/2) Deliverable #1: Critiqued prior submits for Dlv's #2 and #4; repeatedly demo'd order entry & accounting, more demo of The Accounting posting startup details for partners' paid in capital, renting a cart, created new records for Blankets, purchased blankets for sale, sold some blankets; repeatedly showed Journals and Trial Balance; repeatedly pointed out ledger accounts; demo'd SQL Queries for making Trial Balance, Audit Trail, and Journals; Demo'd web service for xmitting psX12 JV to the Ledger Engine; Repeatedly Demo'd Dlv #4 Good Looking Trial Balance by sending email & web-service JVs, comparing enterprise report with the one at the Ledger Engine; &c... Also, open lab time to check Dlv #1 part 2.

If I was a Boss... I see some talent and lots of rude behavior.

(3/4) Deliverables #3 & #4: Critiqued some MS Project Plans showing work so far and tasks projected for completing Dlv #4 on or about April 29th. Be prepared for a pop quiz showing your task list for completing Project #1. Q&A about Deliverable #4.

(3/4) Dlv #3, MSProject Plan for your Individual Project #1, Max points may be found in these guidelines. Make sure to mark all effort completed for Dlvs #1 & #2 as as completed, and that File -> Properties looks reasonable. Bill your effort at $65/hour, resonable for a talented noob in River City. Deliver a well-formatted, printed copy in class on the deadline. Submit another copy as an attachment to VCU mail, on or before midnite of the deadline.

Rubric for scoring Deliverable #4.

(3/9) Look at prior submits & Scripts for Order & Detail Entry. Look at both Windoze/VB and Linux/PHP scripts, Invite C#ers, .ASPers and AJAXers to show their stuff on IE _and_ FireFox.

(3/11) Gathered Dlv #2, answered some questions, dismissed early for Pre-Spring Break, Miami seems the favorite destination this year.

Upload Link: For those who are unable to attach Visual Studio projects to their email, please use this Upload Link to get me your Project #1 Dlv #4 or Project #2 components.

Project 2:

All teams' BAs should be showing me documents updated post-Critique! Developers should be showing me results! Documents should show all Requirements and indicate which have been prototyped by the Developers and which they didn't quite get done...

Exit Exam:

This exit exam is not optional, is part of our continuing assessment of program objectives for our ABET Accreditation.  Students who take the exam and score higher than 40% will be exempt from the INFO465 Final Exam, which will be a written & practical exam about tools, database, and software for Project #1. To encourage good performance on the test, a Max of 10 points and Minimum of 7 points will be posted: A score in the 4th quartile will get 10 points, 3rd gets 9 points, 2nd gets 8 points, and 1st gets 7 points.

Prior to the exam: Set up an account for yourself at and register for the appropriate session(s). On the right side of the screen, use the link under "Don't have a CCER Account?" to set up your account and register for one or more of the exams. Please do not forget the userid and password you set up! I cannot retrieve or reset these! 'SP10 Part1' and 'SP10 Part2' are for those taking the test on the 27th and 4th. SP10 Both Parts is for those taking the exam the morning of the 13th. Please make a careful choice of sessions...

There are two exams scheduled, both in room 2123, just next to the regular classroom:

Accomodation of Schedules: To add more comfort, hopefully to increase the number under 40%, and for the few students who have asked, Please let me know ahead of time: if you have already taken the first half on the 27th but would rather take the 2nd half on the 4th; or, if you would like to take the first half on the 4th and the 2nd half on the 13th. If I know this ahead of time it's easy to accomodate but is too much of a hassle on the spot for the exam.

From the large group that took the first half Tuesday, this semester's class has three of the highest of recent three years' scores, and also shows a larger number over 50% than in the past. This might be an artifact of the class size, which is the largest since INFO465 became the moniker in 1997, and, also since 1981 when the 'Senior Projects' course was called 'Advanced Program Design and Data Structures'. It is a pleasure to see this class' other work and see so much that is excellent! So it's not surprising to see some scores in the top half-percent on this standardized exam!

Unfortunately, the first sitting also shows the the highest _number_ falling under 40% although the 'percent' is about the same as prior semesters. Please, please, everybody kick it over 40% in the 2nd and 3rd sittings!

Should you score less than 40% on the Exit Exam: A 45 minute practical exam will be scheduled at our mutual convenience on or before the Last Day of Exams, May 14th. Be prepared to sketch any of the UML diagrams from your Project #1 Dlv #2, or from your team's Project #2. Show how far you got with Project #1. Be able to identify and sketch Structured Notation for a sampling of Control Classes from Projects #1 & #2, like 'Insert or update records in a table with data from a flat file', 'Xmit a psX12 document via web service or email', or 'display a trial balance or journal'. Be able to explain how your GUI and event scripts handle tasks like 'Authenticate a User', 'Maintain Records in Tables', 'Load a List Box' and other incidental components of a Project #1. The practical exam will add 30 points to your total points for the semester and your grade will be the percent of points earned vs. points attempted.

Project #1 - Final Stages:

Due Dates: Good-looking Trial Balances at the Ledger Engine is Thursday the 29th; Application that meets the specs; & Printed Documentation package including Dlv #2's documentatation package updated to reflect the application and database as built, plus your MS Project Plan showing tasks as planned & actually delivered. (Tracking Gantt)

Other Current Stuff:

(3/30) Database ERD: Here is a database very similar to the one we'll start prototyping apps against. One change needs to be to add 'start time' and 'stop time' to the Details so we can do time keeping for the employees. Please keep in mind: Everything MCTP buys or sells is in the GS table including 'services' of employees. GS for sale to customers will have a CATalog entry. 'Orders and Details' is the answer to all questions about QOH, Ledger, Where is my stuff, &c, &c...

Individual Project #1 -- Last Topics

System Development Methodologies

(3/23) SDMs, importance of them, importance of describing your favorite on a behavioral interview; SDLC vs ADM (broken presentation, needs to be fixed or viewed with IE); Project Survival Guide: A quick consideration of McConnel's view of what's important about software projects, Process of planning & documentation Maslow's hierarchy of needs applied to IS Projects, &c, &c...

Review Structure and OO...


Quiz: Structured and OO Notation of your project as at Dlv #1, both parts. (10 points)

Quiz: Given a verbal description of a small IS Project, describe your System Development Methodology and your choice of Diagrams, Charts, and Forms your team will use to gather requirments, prepare prototypes, run acceptance tests, and design the database and application software. Business Analysts: show particular interest in the requirements definition, especially the detailed use cases, database requirements, and acceptance test plans for the application software. Developers: put your emphasis on tools and graphics for software design, especially the State Chart, Class Diagram, structured notation of control classes, and Database ERD.

Project #1 Resources:

To be Moved Up Later

F I N A L Points from the Fall. This semester's will be similar except more pop quizzes.

The Ledger Engine is eagerly awaiting _valid_ psX12 JVs to build Good-Looking Trial Balances. It's email address is (Replace the AT with @, any address here will get spammed like crazy...) Streams of JVs originating by Midnite Thursday will get 5 Points Max, others will lose one per midnite passed without the GLTB.

Front Runners:Please use the 'Last 25 Emails' report to get an eye on what you're transmitting. Check out the psX12 standards, or use the Last 100 Emails, to get your eye on the format for a psX12 JV. Mr A, you're still putting the *!*! line on the first line of your body text & it doesn't belong there. And, the psX12 standard doesn't use () around credits, it uses a minus sign. Dollar amounts xmitted in a JV should be formatted without a decimal point the same way they are in a CAT. Ms M & Mr L, your pounding at the door with CAT transactions which I hope will soon be valid JVs.

Blank Use Case Form

A Yahoo Group , info465su09, has been set up for the class and invitatory emails have been sent to each student's VCU email. Please join up, or let me know if you need another invite. The Files section has a Database ERD and a zip containing a working, rough VB.NET prototype app. Any documents prepared for Project #2, please prepare for this set of tables.