INFO300 - Hardware/Software - Fall 2009

(8/20) Syllabus with course objectives, textbook info, rules for submitting papers, &c.

Quiz #1 Topics & Dates

Quiz 2 Topics...

It's a pleasure when students have interest in installing Linux for a server or dual-booting a machine. Either way is a good way to get your eyes and hands on *ix and there is a lot of value in that. 64bit Vista users, beware, investigate carefully, backup your stuff, use the right distros... Here's some recent advice... Virtualization is all the rage, and I'm always encouraging students to pay for VMWare, get VirtualBox for free, investigate Red Hat Enterprise's virtualization scheme. Don't stop at Dual Booting! That's a pain in the neck. Do Virtualization, figure out the Virtual LANs!

Term Paper: Technical Marketplace Briefs, Hands-on Linux, and WebWork

Timely delivery is one of the essential requirements for both these exercises. Progress not demo'd on the class' Progress Pages by the time due will get zero points. Late papers will be docked five points for delivery after the class meeting where they are due and another point deducted for each midnight that passes before delivery.

Printed briefs shown at least five days before the last class may be critiqued and scored on the spot and if re-work would net more points another copy submitted on or before Friday the 11th of Dec will be considered as a candidate for full points. Please do not send me anything to review in email, or ask for critique and scoring during the four day period before the last class.

LAN Project: Diagram and Bill of Details for an office LAN

Specs for this project are delivered in the memo below and verbally in class. The network rack for the small business involved is put together similar to the one demo'd in class. Students are asked to get together purchase orders, a summary of purchase and on-going costs, and a detailed diagram of the network rack & premises wiring.

Quiz #3 Topics

The Exam: Those who would like to take the exam will be given another sampling of questions from earlier quizzes for twice as many points as before.

F I N A L Grades as at 4:00 Tuesday afternoon. Letter grades are shown in the Comments column...