INFO202 - Intro to eBusiness Tech - Fall 2009

End of Semester

F I N A L Grades posted 4:00 Tuesday Afternoon.

The Deadline for getting points was noon Monday the 14th. Please send me an email advising me to look for more points on the XHTML/CSS and Extra JavaScript assignments. Send me an email describing your experience getting and installing Visual Studio to get those 5 points.

Last Assignments

Last Quiz/Exam: This will be a 'standardization administration' of a new 'comprehensive exam' for INFO202 that we are preparing to help with the assessment for our ABET accreditation. There are some subject areas that this section has not covered, so it will be interesting to see a 'baseline' for them. The points will be curved very sharply so that a C (35 of 50 points) is the lowest score anyone who completes the quiz will receive.

Bonus Points for Survey:For two points added after your average has been calculated, please take the WebMonkey Survey for this Course and show me the last page.

Points for Valid Strict XHTML/CSS website, JavaScript, and Visual Studio will be assigned on the spot in class the evening of the 10th when you've finished the Quiz. If you need more time to get max points, please work them into your webpages and send me an email when you're done. The last reading from the list of links at will be noon on Monday the 14th.

Last Assignments:

Due Date for Project #2 & #3 is Monday December 14th at noon! Many students' XHTML/Strict pages that validated fine without JavaScript throw _lots_ of errors when JavaScript is embedded in them. Sorry I didn't foresee this. Here is a new link to a new page about Making XHTML with JavaScript Validate at's XHTML Validator.

(11/12) Open Lab Saturdays 11 thru 2:00 and Tuesdays 5:30 thru 7:00 in the Information Systems Dept's Lab, E4222. Mr Coss reports no takers for lab time the past two sessions and requests students wanting lab time to make a reservation at least a day in advance to his email, (replace the -AT- with @). If he's got no reservations he won't be in the lab.

(11/5) Visual Studio is in your future! Get it installed on your machine! Get it free from the Microsoft Developer's Network's Academic Alliance.

Project #2 - XHTML & CSS

Project #3 - JavaScript, Structure, & Object Orientation

  • (10/29) Use w3schools' Browser Scripting: JavaScript (thru 'Guidelines') & DOM (thru 'Events') for your intro material. 
  • (10/29) Debugging JavaScript?  FireFox provides an easy way to find errors.  Use its Tools -> Error Console to open an 'error console' so you can _see_ the error messages.   Clear it, then refresh your page and it will show the errors during load.  Click on a link that should call a JavaScript function to see errors generated by that function...

  • (11/5) Hallmarks of Structured Programming: Sequence; Decisions (Alternative Selections); Loops; Subroutines & Functions.  More about Structure...  The CalcAverage script demonstrates these logical structures: If/then, If/then/else, If/then/else if, while loop, & function.

  • (11/5) Teach Yourself Programming in 21 Days NOT!
  • (10/29) uses two JavaScripts.  One is a single liner that pops up an alert just after the body is processed.  The other is a function, named CalcAverage, located in the <head> of the page that is called on the Click event of a link labelled CALC AVERAGE down the page.   
  • (11/5 & 12) The JavaScript/DOM/Forms demo covered in class is at, using the top link for 'JavaScript Demo:'. Use View -> Source to look at the HTML & JavaScript, which demo how HTML form input elements are named in the HTML and referenced as properties of the 'document.ContactForm.' object...
  • (10/29 & 11/5) JavaScript Points: Due by noon Friday 11/20. Make the Calc Average script work for 5 points. For 5 more points write your own JavaScript that prompts for an hourly rate, the number of hours, and calculates pay -- if there are more than 8 hours pay the excess at 'time & a half'.
  • Project #4 - Database & Visual Studio

    Watch this spot!

    Meanwhile, go to Media Now set up a new account, and place an order or two. When you check out, use 432143214323 for a 'valid' credit card in Eland. The project will involve using the SQLServer DBMS to find the details of your order and report them. If you get a chance, Find a tute you like for Visual Studio and make something work, desktop or website will be fine...


    Validate early & often! Don't wait until you've coded your whole web page to validate it! Get the 'skeleton' for the complete page together first, including the DOCTYPE, and with the html, head, and body properly nested. Make sure the skeleton validates, then add the content a piece at a time and validate as each piece goes in place.

    That 'blue warning' about character set: Somehow this got left out of what's posted for the projects. The following 'meta tag' may be placed in the head section of your web page, before or after the title, to avoid getting the warning about 'character set' from the validator at

    <meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" > 

    There are other ways of getting the character set defined for the browser, and you're welcome to use any of them. At completion of Project #1 there should be zero errors and zero warnings.

    Debugging: If you're not seeing what you expect when you click on a link you can 'tail the log' and see what the web server. While working, you can keep another putty window open at the lower left corner of the screen that shows the 'tail of the log'. A student named John Smith could see errors as they are generated by keying this:

    tail -f /var/log/httpd/error_log | grep jsmith

    Use Ctrl-C to stop tailing the log...

    Earlier Topics

    More to come:

    DBMS, Database programming for the web, Visual Studio.NET, EDI Standards, XML, &c, &c...