INFO465 - Senior Projects in IS - Spring 2009

Current topics:

F I N A L Points are posted for all artifacts and demos I've seen thru the deadline Monday. Please check them over and let me know any errors or omissions asap.

Final Project Work:

  • Project #1: Read the rubric as you polish your application and documentation for the final submit of the printed document and emailed copy of the working application.  This is due on or before midnite May the 7th. 
  • Project #2: Get your Intermediate & Final Results and the Effort to the Project Manager!  I've seen precious few results, and the ability of their teams to apply tools of analysis and prototyping and define the tasks at hand is most appreciated.  BA/Developer teams must have excellent UML & OO documentation for their Use Case, and are expected to be able to pitch, catch, update, or report Orders and Details of this landscaping enterprise.

Exit Exam: At this point there are three Exit Exam sessions scheduled in room #2123, this an attempt to make a three-hour exam, which most students complete in about two hours, more palatable than the early-morning time on .  This exit exam is not optional, is part of our continuing assessment of program objectives.  Students who take the exam and score higher than 40% will be exempt from the final exam, which will be a written & practical exam about tools, database, and software for Project #1 in the lab on the 4th floor, to be scheduled individually for a time at or before 5:30 in the afternoon on Monday the 11th.

Please confirm your exit exam time below and let me know asap what time you'll take it if you're in the Not Scheduled category:

  • Tuesday the 28th starting at 1:00 thru 4:00 in 2123: Easterday, Balas, Schubert, R AlQahtani, Clift, Oglesby, & Southall
  • Wednesday the 29th starting at 1:00 thru 4:00 in 2123: M AlQahtani
  • Thursday May the 7th at 9:00 thru noon (The scheduled time for the exam.): None registered for this time yet.
  • Not Registered, please let me know by mid-morning Tuesday: Deulus, Gregory, Khleang, Le, Montgomery, Okoli, Parker, Porter, Radev, Jaffer & Narvacon.

Prior to the exam, please set up an account for yourself at SP09 Tuesday PM is the group for Tuesday at 1:00, SP09 Wednesday PM is for Wednesday. The last session for the 7th will be set up and ready to register on the 5th.

Topics & Dates Covered:

1/13: My objective for the course is to see that each student can read, write, take direction, and demonstrate proficiency in concepts and tools for analysis & design, database, structured & OO programming, and project planning.  The course is the capstone for our technical core of INFO350-Programming, INFO361-Analysis & Design, and INFO364-Database.  It revisits the topics and challenges skills developed in these courses, and requires that a student recognize and produce professional quality application objects, docs, and other artifacts of projects.

Get your development software if you don't already have it: PHPers please request a login account at; most Microsofters have VS.NET 2005 or 2008, but if you need to get it, MSDNAA will not be up until after add/drop, and this semester is the debut for their next generation of academically discounted, or free, software delivery so we wonder what's up; One student has expressed interest in using Oracle for project #1 and this is fine but I can't offer much tech support in the environment.

Syllabus & overview of the course; run a desktop app thru 'the accounting', Sales Order Entry thru a Journal. Links: A 'Design & Build' Experience; Syllabus; Ledger Engine was down.

1/15: Start verbal specs for Project #1; Review Accounting with startup scenario using paid in capital from N Vestor, buying a truck, billing out a job, and paying the helper; Run a web-based prototype app at gs9191 thru 'the accounting'; look at tables for GS, Orders & Details table, assigning ledger accounts to Details; Ledger Engine is up but not receiving psX12 JVs quite yet.

1/20: Project #1, Deliverable #1 demo'd and assigned, due date TBA, likely Thursday Feb 5

Advice to .NETters: Get a current version of VS.NET & Access or SQLExpress; Construct a 'portable' database & application on your computer using an Access or SQLServer Express; Make sure the whole thing can be zipped into one directory which will open and run on another machine.

PHPers get a login account at and make a web-deployed app using PHP, database with MySQL.

Everybody: 1) Be able to authenticate two classes of Users, Landscaper & Helper, with reference to a table like the BE table used in class, and deliver an appropriate menu (with most choices empty) to them. 2) Be able to take on records from the tab-delimited file provided and put them into a table like the BE table used in class. 3) Have a suitable method for CRUD on the BE table, must provide a convenient lookup method, way to assign any 'codes', and ability to add new records. The D is optional.

Project #1 Resources:

  • Where to get MSDNAA software: I dredged up this link and updated it for this semester...
  • (1/20 & 22): In class, made new VS.NET Solution & Project, put an Access database in its bin/debug directory, started a 'user authentication form' and found link missing to Authenticating a User
  • (1/22) Review software architectures: Structure (sequence, alternative selection, loops, error-handling, subroutines/functions) & Object Orientation (properties, methods, events, inheritance, &c); Sketched these on the board, started on algorithm for authenticating a user..
  • Business process modeling of The Accounting with the Sample Database, on the board & in a working prototype (1/27); Critique some past Deliverable #2 submits;
  • 1/27: Pick up with Authenticating a user, and point out: Table Maintenance'; searching, loading list & combo boxes; Take on Customer Data from flat file to database.

    Connection String for latest VS & Access projects:

    Dim AuthCnxn As New OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=InClassSpring09.accdb")

  • 1/27-2/12: Debits & Credits; Chart of Accounts; More business process modeling using a sample application and database. Sample Database; A sample accounting (is _not_ 'the details')
  • (2/17) Open Lab in class, following a quick look at SQL for making Trial Balance and Journal.
  • Project #1, Deliverable #1: Demo in class or lab (2/19): a database with a 'Business Entity' table that includes columns for login id & password and to address 'polite correspondence' via USPS; a 'login form' that uses the login id and password from the BE table to authenticate users; and a form used to add or change record in the BE table; a script that can take on records from the 'customer file' posted. Submit this as a zipped directory attached to VCU-originated email.

  • EDI Standards: (2/24) ANSI X12 handout; discuss psX12 (pseudo X12) used in INFO465
  • (2/24) Look at Scripts for Order & Detail Entry; Look at: 'Journalization' processes; SQL's format function applied to date/datetime columns; getting dates into a combo box for selection; Displaying a Journal; methods for getting the decimal point out of dollars and cents to conform to psX12's standards; 'hash totals' and counters for psX12 control values; emailing a psX12 JV (email a CAT); optionally, sending a psX12 JV via web service; rubric for scoring Dlv #4.
  • FAQ (First Asked Questions) for questions in email..

Project #1

The due dates for Project #1's Deliverables are:
  • (3/5) Dlv #2, Documentation package as critiqued in class: Overview; Use Case Diagram and Detailed Use Cases for each Actor; Class Diagram showing architecture of the applications components, either from an Application point of view (Solution Explorer explained), or from a Database point of view showing entities with their Methods; A concise Data Dictionary; Tables populated with sample data showing a startup and a couple days' operations; & a Trial Balance prepared from the Details in the sample. Submit these as a printed copy in class, and as a single document, optionally zipped, and attached to VCU mail, on or before midnite of the 5th.
  • (3/12) Dlv #3, MSProject Plan for your Individual Project #1, Max points may be found in these guidelines. Make sure to mark all effort completed as of the 11th as completed, and that File -> Properties looks reasonable. Deliver a well-formatted, printed copy in class on the 12th. Submit another copy as an attachment to VCU mail, on or before midnite of the 12th.
  • (4/23) Dlv #4, Good Looking Trial Balance that equals the one displayed from the Landscaper's menu from the application's database, by midnite the 23th. A point will be docked for each midnite that passes without the GLTB at the Ledger Engine, up to the max of five points. See this Rubric for scoring this deliverable. No other points will be deducted for late delivery of the completed application, the due date for which is 3:30pm the last day of exams, Friday May 8th.

Project #2

Project #2, first draft of Requirements Docs:  Teams of two or three were constituted to come up with quick drafts of UI (User Interface & Reports) and Detailed Use Cases for a quick presentation on Thursday, revised copy next class:

Actor Team
Crew Leader Balas & Schubert
Customer on Web Okoli, Oglesby, & Parker
Crew Leader Robertson & Gregory
Controller M & R Al-Qahtani & Jaffer
Branch Manager Southall & Easterday
Customer on Web Khleang & Radev
Salesperson Team Needed for this