INFO300 - Hardware/Software - Spring 2009

Points as at Monday evening the 11th, FINAL Grades except for a couple with missing Quiz #1 & Brief #1 which I hope to find in my office Tuesday morning...

Sample Questions for Quiz #2

Due Dates, Exam, & Quiz #2: Quiz #2 was given at the scheduled exam time for the class: 1:00 Tuesday May 5th.

An optional Exam was provided after Quiz #2 for any who requested it, but none did. If the Exam was taken it would have added 30 points to those available for the semester and the final grade will be the percentage of the points earned.

The LAN project was due, delivered as a printed copy in class on the 5th and also as a single document, zipped or not, attached to VCUNet email before class on the 5th.

The hands-on linux project outline for Brief 3 was due midnite the 23rd, was checked in on the morning of the 24th.

The three-page website, exemplifying Accessibility, XHTML & CSS is due by Midnite Friday May 7th, will be scored Saturday morning.

Briefs 2 & 3 are also due their own points so take care to make them point-worthy.

4/16: Linux Directory Tree & Commands Linux User Commands & Admin Commands

4/16: Network diagram details, review IP addresses &c for the LAN Project

4/21: Reviewed conversions of values among binary, decimal, and hex.

4/23: Little Man Computer exercise: Machine cycles, instruction set, & first mention of Data Structures.

4/28: Data Structures: Sequential Files & Direct Access; Linked Lists; Hashed Access; Indexed Sequential Access; Binary Tree; B-Tree

4/1?: Watch here for Quiz #2 Questions...

Projects & Briefs Due dates for the Hands On Linux project have been updated, next parts due on Apr 23rd, and May 5th. Each Brief will be scored on its own merits to post points for Technical Briefs 2 & 3 . The upcoming projects involve using Linux at the command line, and making a very clear, detailed, and accurate diagram & bill of details for a small office LAN. The expectation for these projects is very professional results on paper and on the web and there is plenty of time to get up to speed even if you've never seen a Purchase Order or used Visio. Please get started asap to allow max time to earn max points. Sloppy work with the CAD tools & on the BOD, or web pages that don't validate as XHTML 4.01 transitional or stricter will be docked at least 50%.

Linking the Components gets us into a few areas, including a demo of installing Linux on a machine with a few NICs and rigging it to be a web server, router, and firewall for a LAN. The upcoming projects involve using Linux at the command line, and making a diagram & bill of details for a small office LAN...

1/31: A few students have indicated some interest in installing Linux for a server or dual-booting a machine. Either way is a good way to get your eyes and hands on *ix and there is a lot of value in that. 64bit Vista users, beware, investigate carefully, backup your stuff, use the right distros... Here's some recent advice...

Quiz #1 Topics: 

  • Syllabus (1/13)

  • My 'personal objective' for the course, beyond those bulleted in the syllabus, is to see that students can read, write, follow instructions, and master the concepts and technologies introduced and revisited in this course.  I try to discuss what's in the IS & IT Legacy of today's enterprises, get under the hood, and recognize some of what's valuable and what's costly. 

  • The Software Wars (1/13) - These might appear humorous, with Bill in borg headgear at the center of the empire, but they're full of truth about the changes in the years since FOSS came on the scene.  Become familiar with the organizations involved, updating this to 2009 is the matter of Technical Brief #1.

  • (1/20) Sketches on the board and discussion of Kernel, OS, & App 'layers', API, &c, and the difference between Administrators & Users in a business environment.

  • Sketches on the board and discussion of 'range of computing platforms'

  • (1/20, 22...) Ch 1 + web: Intro & Overview 

  • Technical Brief #1: Due 2/26, assigned 1/29):

  • Text Appendix A: Conversion among binary, decimal, and hexadecimal; Data & File Types (about 1/27)

  • Ch 2 + web: Hardware  

  • Y'all are on your own to read up on 'History of Computing' to be able to write a short essay with a brief history as in the sample questions.

  • Quiz #1 sample questions

Exam: The exam adds 30 points to the total and if taken the final grade will be the percentage of  points earned. It will affect your grade whether it lowers it or raises it.  For some students it may provide an opportunity to make up for a poor performance on Quiz #1 and/or #2.  Morning section: The exam time listed is Dec 11th at 8:00am - 10:50, but I will be arriving at 9:00am for a one hour & forty-five minute exam. There are 6 four-point questions and 6 one-point questions which were chosen by selecting the most difficult questions from the first two quizzes. In the evening class, the two students showed up to take the exam both looked at it and opted not to take it.  Let me know by email Wednesday evening if you want to take the exam. 

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