Quiz #3 Study Questions:


Discuss the Markup Languages used and introduced in the course: HTML, XHTML, & XML.   What's the purpose for each?  How are they similar, and how are they different?

For what is XML designed?  For what is HTML designed? 

What problems do XHTML & CSS help solve?

What is EDI, and how are ANSI X12 and EDIFACT involved with it?

What is DISA and what role do they play in EDI?

What is the UCC and what role do they play in EDI?

What are 'Web Services'?  How are they involved in EBusiness.

What type of interface is typical for 'C2B' interaction?  What type of interface is typical for 'B2B' interaction.

What protocols are important for ensuring the privacy of data, like credit card #s, when they are transmitted via the web?

Given a sample database like the one for SeSPoP used in class, construct simple queries.

Describe how a 'relational database' is laid out.  What makes them 'relational'?  Use these terms in your answer: database, table, columns, rows, records, fields, primary key, foreign key.

What is a DBMS?  Name three of them.

Given a sample script in PHP, similar to the one used for making your SeSPoP reports, mark it up to show which portion is PHP and which portion is HTML, and the programming structures: sequence, alternative selection, loop.

With reference to the sample script, mark it up to show where User's request is passed into the script, where the MySQL Query is passed to the DBMS, and where the result set is processed into html.