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G Saunders has retired from the VCU Information Systems faculty after 4 decades' service, and has no more email @vcu.edu. You may follow his new venture at UAVLog.Net where contact info will be posted when he's back to work, mid-February...


INFO300 -
IT Infrastructure

Security; Professional Standards; What's in the legacy of IT; what's emerging; what's priceless; what's obsolete or becoming so; Hardware Platforms; Range of Platforms; Virtual Platforms; OS Wars Y2K to Present; Data Centers; Networking and DataComms; History; Storage; Transaction Logging & Backup!; Visio; Linux at the Command Line; HTML5, Semantic Markup & Responsive CSS3...

INFO465 - Senior Projects in Information Systems

Team work Application Analysis, HTML5, Semantic Markup & Responsive CSS; Linux Command Line & PHP; HTML Forms; SQL; Database Update, Setup Shop in PAYGO Umbrella app; Exercise Order Entry & Fulfillment, Annotations, EDI, Accounting; UML Analysis Docs; Exit Exam...

EBUS202 - eBusiness Technologies @ Governor's School

IT Infrastructure: Computers, Storage, Networks; Web Graphics; Working at the Command Line on a LAMP stack in The Cloud; Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 with semantic page layout; JavaScript; Database; Security: Authentication, Data Validation & Sanitization, Sessions; HTML Forms & Database Programming for the Web; OE & Fulfillment; Accounting.

INFO250 - Programming Languages @ Governor's School

Structured PHP at the Command Line; Data Structures & Algorithms for Descriptive Stats; Structured Notation; Graphing; SQL; HTML, Semantic Markup & Responsive CSS; HTML Form Handling with JavaScript and PHP; AAA; Database Update; Uploads; Image Graphs; Explore Python...

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In the School of Business, academic advisers are in the UnderGrad Dean's Office on the 1st floor of Snead, contact info at this link. 'Canned' advice is also here...


Please: Don't hesitate to ask questions in class where answers can be heard by all. Arrange any office visit at least a day ahead of time in class or email. Don't assume I'll be in the office during posted hours if you don't have an appointment. Meetings may be virtual via GoToMeeting...


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