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Monday Afternoon 6/13: I'm getting ready for classes, will have the INFO300 pages up for this evening's class and INFO465 during the day Tuesday...


INFO300 -
IT Infrastructure & Security

What's in the legacy of IT, what's emerging, what's priceless, what's going to be obsolete, how to secure it, how to model it, how to work at the command line, and other career-launching stuff...

INFO465 - Senior Projects in Information Systems

Database Programming, Authenticating Users, Case Study, Data Management Forms, Order Entry & Fulfilment, EDI, Accounting...

EBUS202 - eBusiness Technologies @ Governor's School

History, Software Wars, Platforms, Graphics, Infrastructure, Accounting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database, Servers, PHP...

Other Stuff:


In the School of Business, academic advisers are in the UnderGrad Dean's Office on the 1st floor of Snead, contact info at this link. 'Canned' advice is also here...


Please: Don't hesitate to ask questions in class where answers can be heard by all. Arrange any office visit at least a day ahead of time in class or email. Don't assume I'll be in the office during posted hours if you don't have an appointment. Meetings may be virtual via GoToMeeting...


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