Events: TAM Day
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Last year, as part of ICTAM2000, Governor Ryan declared Monday, August 28, 2000, "Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Day" in the State of Illinois.

This year's TAM Day was Monday, August 27.

How did you celebrate the premier science?
Send us your most creative solutions, or read below how other mechanicians celebrated our field.

From James C. Hill
Iowa State University

Iowa State University is recognizing this occasion by beginning its fall semester classes on this day!! (OK, there may be other reasons for this ...)

From Julian Hunt
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Congratulations on your TAM day.We shall be in full 'flow' at the Isaac Newton Institute programme on the paradigm problem of TAM, namely Surface Water Waves. We shall drink a toast on Tuesday following the INI seminar given by Alex Craik on Stokes and his successors!

From Egon Krause
Aerodynamisches Institut

We will follow your idea of celebrating TAM Day by publishing the latest result of our research on shock-induced vortex breakdown in supersonic flow.

From Fumio Higashino
Tokyo University
of Agriculture and Technology

Thank you for your good information regarding TAM Day. Unfortunately I cannot join in this year, since I am going to visit Aachen the last week of August. Please have a good day on the TAM Day.

From Victor Eremeyev
Rostov State University

Thank you very much for your attention. It will be a field day!

I will celebrate the TAM Day in Perm with my friends-mechanicians.We all meet together at the All-Russian Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.

From George Jaiani
I.Vekua Institute of Applied Mathematics

The Georgian National Committee supports this very nice idea.

Happy TAM Day 2001!

From Art Koehler
The Procter & Gamble Company

I'd love to spend TAM day reading and enjoying... last year's proceedings of ICTAM 2000.

From Ken Chong
National Science Foundation

Excellent idea! Why not open up your labs across the country to high school science teachers on August 28 and introduce them to some of the challenges/excitement of TAM?

From Michael Osipov
Samara State University

All participants in Perm will recollect your August 27 reception in Chicago 2000 and that this day is "TAM Day".

From Tanya Krasnopolskaya and Slava Meleshko

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. To mark this occasion all lectures, which were accepted from Ukrainian authors at the XX ICTAM were published in the special issue of "International Applied Mechanics" (now in Russian, but later they will be translated in to English). Today we are happy to be a part of our community of mechanicians!

We wish you Happy TAM Day!


From Elena Grekova
Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering
of Russian Academy of Sciences

As to the TAM day, most of Russian participants of ICTAM 2000, and many other Russian mechanicians will meet this day together in Perm (Ural, Russia), since the All-Russian Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics takes place there from 23 to 29 August of this year.

I suppose it will be a fit celebration of TAM Day!

From Mohamed Gad-el-Hak
University of Notre Dame

Since I am almost as old as the discipline, I will drink a glass of hyaluronic acid in an attempt to rejuvenate my synovial fluid and relieve my aching cartilages!
It is alleged that synovial liquids are micropolar, non-Newtonian, microrotating, and having almost vanishing coefficient of friction. A synovial fluid is liquid-crystal-like, acting as a solid or as a fluid depending on such external stimuli as temperature and pressure.

From Werner Schiehlen
University of Stuttgart, Institut B fuer Mechanik

It is a really great idea to designate the last Monday in August as TAM Day:

At the University of Stuttgart nearly five hundred engineering students took their first exam in Applied Mechanics. They worked on five problems for two hours, and during the rest of the day discussions took place on the most elegant solutions. Thus, on TAM Day TAM was the central topic on our campus.

From Alexander V. Getling
Institute of Nuclear Physics

I will mark the TAM Day by my talk at the National TAM Congress in Perm.

Happy TAM Day 2001!

From Keith Moffatt
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

In recognition of TAM day, Monday 27th August has been declared a Bank Holiday throughout the UK; also the Cambridge University Library has declared that it will be closed for the day.

On a more modest scale, we at the Newton Institute will, weather-permitting, spend the daylight hours inaugurating the new Boules Court on the west flank of the Institute.The ancient Basque game of Boules, otherwise known as Petanque involves the rolling, spinning and collision of steel balls, up to eight in number, and exploits to the full the dynamical possibilities permitted by Newton's Laws of Motion, to which we here are particularly addicted.

We shall further celebrate by the ingestion at precisely 6pm (BST) of a range of beverages of varying surface tension and viscosity.

My contribution to the website! A poem TAM-day musings, after Burns' TAM O'Shanter

From Mike Stubna
Cornell University

Although the graduate students of the TAM department at Cornell will, of course, be busily at work on TAM Day, we have occasionally been known to have a little fun in celebrating "the premier science." For an example of our TAMpride, you may like to check out our TAMBowl webpage.

From Vadim I. Polezhaev
Institute for Problems in Mechanics
of Russian Academy of Sciences

I intend to point out the traditions of the Microgravity Mechanics session from the well-organized ICTAM 2000 last year in Chicago.

Happy TAM Day 2001!

From Patrick Bontoux
Laboratoire de Modélisation et de Simulation Numérique en Mécanique

Please find these figures that illustrate recent results obtained in the laboratory MSNM, Computational Fluid Mechanics. Great thanks for your entreprise in favour of our discipline.