Virginia Commonwealth University


Jennifer M. Fettweis, Ph.D.


List of courses:

Laboratory of Molecular Biology (BNFO 541)—VCU (Bioinformatics Instructor)
Advanced Molecular and Cell Biology—University of Richmond (Adjunct Faculty/Biology Instructor)
Genes, Proteins and Biochemical Reactions: Systems Biology—VCU (Instructor)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Scholars Program—VCU (Instructor/Mentor)
Introduction to Biology II Honors Module (BIOL152)—VCU (Instructor)
Host-microbe Interactions (BIOL 693)—VCU (Guest Lecturer)
Bioinformatics and Bioengineering Summer Institute—VCU (Lecturer/Mentor)

Educational outreach:

VCU Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Education Program—Faculty Learning Committee
systemTHINK educational videos (systemTHINK on YouTube)Producer/Developer
Virginia Junior Academy of Science—Microbiology Judge                                   
Metro Richmond Science Fair—Microbiology Judge